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[Video] DIY Valentine: Paper Fortune Cookies

Looking for a fun and creative craft for your kids this season? We can help! Today we’re making adorable paper fortune cookies. Learn how to make them here.

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Send Your Love With Friendly Paper Cookies

This craft is kid-friendly and the perfect way to get them involved in celebrations and holidays! When making your paper cookies, feel free to let your creativity run wild.

paper fortune cookies with messages

Here, we’re using a selection of solid colored, florals, hearts, and assorted patterned wrapping papers to define our Valentine Fortune Cookies. With the wide variety of everyday wrapping papers and washi tape, feel free to mix and match colors and patterns to personalize your love notes!

You’ll Need

Here’s How To Make Your Own Paper Fortune Cookie

craft supplies for paper fortune cookie diy

1.) First, create a paper cookie base. Place your wrapping paper pattern-side down, use your pen and masking tape to help trace a circle shape onto the surface. Once your circle shape is traced out, use the guide to cut your paper circle out. 

2.) After your circle has been cut out, embellish the patterned side with your favorite washi tape. 

3.) Once your embellishment has been applied, fold your paper circle. The trick to shaping a fortune cookie body is pre-folding your circular base. Gently fold your circle in half and apply a slight pressure along the center to create a crease mark. Repeat with the opposite edge. 

4.) After your circle has been folded, it should be easier to mold into a signature fortune cookie shape. To start shaping your cookie shape, fold your circle in half and secure with a small dot of hot glue. As you’re holding your half circle shape in place, slip your ribbon message into the side opening. 

5.) Next, gently pinch the opposite edges of your half circle shape inward to form your fortune cookie shape. Secure the shape with a dot of hot glue in the center and firmly hold the shape until the glue sets.

6.) Once your shape can hold together unsupported, feel free to send your paper fortune cookies to friends and family! 

Want more fun craft ideas for holidays like Valentine’s Day? Check out our 3 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts post here. For more DIYs and How-To’s, stay tuned because we’re making more videos, tips for small businesses, and product features all year long. Sign up for our email list here to stay in the know!

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  1. CC January 22, 2022

    Happy new year! This is wonderful. I’ll try on Saturday. Thanks.

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