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Shipping Gift Baskets in Five Steps

Gift baskets are the perfect sentiment for any occasion. From housewarmings to heartfelt thank yous, nothing is more thoughtful than a personalized gift basket showing up unexpectedly. But do you know how to ship a gift basket so it arrives safely? We all know putting together a great gift basket isn’t exactly cheap, so what a shame it would be if yours arrives in less than perfect condition.

how to ship a gift basket

Shipping gift baskets is actually pretty simple, once you know how to properly package them. From there, you’re on your way to sending your loved one a special gift they’ll be thrilled to get. 

Perhaps even more important than what you put in the basket, is how you wrap and prepare it for its journey. But don’t worry..we’ve got you covered – we’ll walk you through all the steps and supplies you need to put together a gift basket that’ll arrive as beautiful upon opening as it was when you set it in the box.

Make sure you have all your supplies ordered and ready to go before you start to assemble your gift basket. Especially if the basket will contain any perishables, you want to be able to get it out the door and on its way in a relatively short amount of time. 

You’ll Need

To best prepare your gift basket for shipping, you’ll need the following:  

Step #1 – Shrink Wrap the Outside of the Gift Basket

Once you’ve decided on the theme and have put your basket all together, use shrink wrap to tightly secure everything inside. You can use colorful wrap or clear, depending on the look and feel you want the basket to have. 

Step #2 – Choose the Right Box

It’s important to ship gift baskets in the right-size box. Too big, and not only will you need much more filler, but you’ll also run the risk of the basket shifting or contents falling out. Too small, and you’ll either have to tilt the basket so it’ll fit, or you’ll have to bend the shape – neither option is ideal! The basket should be snug inside the shipping box, with just enough room for the filler to secure it even more. 

Step #3 – Line the Box with Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an all-around perfect supply to have on hand. From art projects, to banners, to shipping gift baskets, you can use kraft paper for just about anything. To ship a gift basket with kraft paper, simply tear off enough paper so that you can fold and bunch it up, creating a nest-like form in the bottom of the box that the basket can sit firmly in.

Step #4 – Finish Padding and Seal the Box

Set the basket in the nest and crinkle more paper to fill in the spaces between the sides of the basket and the wall of the box. Continue to add crinkled paper all the way around until you build up to the top of the box. Be careful not to flatten any bow or ribbon you’ve added to the basket. Once the basket is securely in place, with cushioning and filler all the way around the sides and top, seal your box with good shipping tape.

Step #5 – Label the Outside of the Box

Paper Mart carries both blank printable traditional address labels as well as shipping labels. You may want to consider using labels that say “Fragile” and “Keep Upright.” Affix both in multiple places to ensure your carrier is aware that the contents of the box are fragile so they won’t turn it on its side or stack it upside down.

If you’re shipping a gift basket with any perishables, think about using expedited or overnight shipping to ensure nothing spoils in route. 

Start Shipping Your Next Gift Basket with Paper Mart!

Make that special someone’s day with a unique, thoughtful, creative gift basket that’s sure to put a smile on their face. Using our tips and tricks, you can feel confident that your gift basket will arrive as pretty as it was the moment you put it in the box. 

Browse Paper Mart’s full selection of gift basket supplies and shipping supplies to make packing and shipping your gift basket as easy as possible. Paper Mart has got you covered when it comes to knowing how to ship gift baskets.

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