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How to Ship a Laptop

Do you need to know how to ship a laptop? Would you believe us if we told you it’s really pretty easy? It’s true! Despite being an expensive electronic device, the best way to ship a laptop actually starts with knowing how to properly pack it.

shipping a laptop

Read on to learn what supplies you need, and to see the step-by-step process to safely and securely pack and ship a laptop in Paper Mart’s How to Ship a Laptop guide.

How to Pack and Ship a Laptop in 5 Easy Steps

  • Know the Regulations About Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Wrapping the Laptop
  • Packing the Laptop
  • Using Filler
  • Sealing and Labeling the Box

Shipping a Laptop in 5 Simple Steps!

Shipping laptops can be an easy, stress-free process as long as you understand how to prepare them for shipment. Having all your supplies on hand is key – you don’t want to skimp on any part of the process that’ll protect a fragile laptop before shipping it. We promise, the time you take to properly pack it is well worth it when the laptop reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Supplies You’ll Need

Step #1 – Regulations about Shipping a Laptop In Your Area

The regulations about shipping lithium ion batteries can differ depending on where you’re shipping from and to. If you’re in the United States, most often it’s OK to ship personal electronics like a laptop computer with one lithium ion battery, as long as you include a label or note on the outer packaging that states this.

You may want to check with your carrier about specific regulations, because even if it’s inadvertent, failure to comply with labeling and shipping requirements could result in confiscation of your package.

Step #2 – Wrap the Laptop with Plastic

Wrapping the laptop in plastic will better-ensure it’s protected if any liquid or moisture makes its way into the box. Using a high-quality plastic wrap, wrap multiple layers around the laptop in all directions. Be sure even the corners are wrapped, and then tape the plastic so it’s secure and will not unravel.

Step #3 – Use a Padded Box to Pack the Laptop

In a perfect world, you still have the original protective padded box your laptop came in. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. Just use a box that’s slightly larger than the laptop to accommodate room for the protective filler you’ll want to place around all sides of the computer.

  • Place your plastic-wrapped laptop into a cushioned box.
  • Seal the box on all seams.
  • Wrap the box with bubble wrap that’s least 3 inches thick around all sides of the box.
  • Secure the bubble wrap with tape.

Step #4 – Place in Shipping Box and Add Protective Filler or Cushioning

Place your boxed laptop inside a shipping box that’s lined with filler on the bottom. Be sure to completely surround it with cushioning to fill the rest of the box. You want filler around all sides and the top and bottom of the laptop box. It should be fairly snug to make sure the laptop doesn’t move around too much while in transit.

Step #5 – Seal and Label the Box

To seal the shipping box, use two layers of packing tape across each seam of the box. Affix a neat, legible shipping label to the top of the box. Place clear packing tape on top of the label to protect it from damage or moisture.

Using warning stickers like “Fragile” and “This Way Up” are helpful to alert carriers that the box contains fragile contents.

Shipping a Laptop is Easy with Paper Mart!

Shipping a laptop is easy once you know how to properly protect it. Browse through Paper Mart’s huge selection of shipping and packaging supplies today to get everything you need for packing and shipping a laptop like a pro!

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