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Packaging Essentials With Handmade Business

Recently, we touched base with Handmade Business Magazine to share our thoughts on shipping essentials and packaging tips. Here are a few highlights from the article!

paper mart for handmade business magazine

Shipping Tips & Essentials

“Many of our handmade business customers find our boxes and mailers to be essential to their packaging!”

Allison McGuire, Vice President, Marketing

The best way to send an item through the mail is by using a protective container coupled with cushioning and a weatherproof seal. Here are a few tips that we shared within the latest Sunshine Artist issue of Handmade Business Magazine to help makers find the best shipping containers for them.

shipping boxes for handmade business magazine

Tip 1: The Container

When you’re looking for a protective container – especially for handmade goods –  consider the size, material, and overall construction. We trust corrugated cardboard for handmade goods like jewelry. Corrugated cardboard boxes are offered in a variety of sizes and made of ultra-durable and recyclable materials. It is also designed to withstand the elements and keep its contents safe. For smaller items with a low profile like art prints, we trust bubble mailers for their lightweight and protective design.

Shop These Favorite Shipping Containers

crinkle cut for handmade business magazine

Tip 2: The Cushioning

From loose packing peanuts and bubble wrap to flexible crinkle cut, there are a lot of cushioning options to consider when packaging specialty items. In the case of the specialty or delicate items featured in Handmade Business Magazine, we suggest using bubble wrap to cover the items completely and use loose or flexible cushioning to fill any empty space between the item and your box.

Explore Popular Cushioning Options

paper mart shipping tape for handmade business magazine

Tip 3: The Tape

Once you’ve got your container and cushioning picked out, make sure your package is sealed against the elements with reliable shipping tape. Popular tape options include water-activated paper tape and smooth cello tape. Both are known to protect against the damaging effects of wind and rain.

Extra Sturdy Tape

Bonus Tip: Preventing Water Damage

If you’re concerned about water damage during shipping, don’t hesitate to utilize plastic. Plastic can help provide a protective barrier against moisture and potential oxidation.

Protective Plastic Bags

Paper Mart & Handmade Business

Handmade Business values the professional crafts person, craft retailers, and hobbyist. We’re proud to be recognized as a supporter of the handmade arts and a provider of reliable shipping and packaging supplies for artisans! For quality shipping and packaging supplies, visit today.

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