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3 Easy DIY Home & Office Organization Ideas

Does your home office need to get organized? Let us help with a few of our own personal home and office organization tips, DIYs, and tools. Take a look!



Organizing The Home Or Office Junk Drawer With Sectional Trays

Sometimes, clutter just happens! It builds up throughout the week and manifests itself into an overwhelming, catch-all junk drawer. We understand. An easy, no-stress, DIY organization solution that can help streamline the mess is a tray divided into smaller sections.



How To Organize With A Sectional Tray

We’ve found that the easiest way to sort through a cluttered cabinet drawer is to tackle it in a straightforward fashion. Fully and completely empty your junk drawer out onto a flat surface and sort through your items, placing them into a different section of your tray.

Here, we use our Natural Wood 6 Section Tray. We love it because it is lightweight and small enough to fit into a standard cabinet, and it’s sectioned in a way that caters to knickknacks of all different sizes – from our small binder clips and sticky notes to our emergency sauce packets. With a sectioned tray, there’s a spot for everything.

Depending on your home or office storage needs, section trays are available in a wide variety of sizes. Explore our collection of trays here to find a storage solution that works for you!


Easy & Efficient Office Storage Solutions With Vinyl Bags

If you’re looking for a clever office storage solution for things like receipts, pens, pencils, or even colorful washi tape – consider a container with a fully clear surface. Fully clear containers, like vinyl, are great for quickly and easily identifying items while still maintaining an organized space.



Vinyl Storage That We Love

We’ve found that loose items like pens or washi tape are best stored in a compact zip-top vinyl pouch. Here, we’re using our own Zip Top Soft Vinyl Pouches. These pouches are especially useful to us because they’re compact and flexible to the touch, so they can easily store items that may not have a uniform shape or size and easily fit into our bags or purses. They also have a zip-top which makes opening and closing the pouch simple.


Clever Storage Idea For Cords & Electronics Using Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are the unexpected heroes of our home and office organization. We love them because their compact shape helps keep poster-sized papers and art safely stored. We also love them because they help keep our electronic accessories nicely organized, which saves us detangling time and hassle. Here’s how we use mailing tubes in a corrugated box to store and organize our cords and electronics.



Mailing Tube Storage DIY

Measure the height of your box and make sure your mailing tubes are slightly shorter. Here, we use 2 x 6” mailing tubes stored standing and uncapped. When you need to, fill each compartment with any loose cords or cables.

Do you have any organization tips and tricks that you want to share? Let us know! In the meantime, stay tuned! We’ll be making more fun and easy DIYs all year long, so keep watching for more craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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