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Paper Mart Crafts With The Youth Center Of Orange

We recently visited our friends at the Youth Center of Orange to help craft some adorable DIY party favors for their upcoming holiday celebrations. Let us introduce you to this local favorite and recap the highlights!

Youth Center


A Community Staple: The Youth Center Of Orange

The Youth Center of Orange is a local organization who works to create a better tomorrow for the youth of today. Since April 2, 2018 the Youth Center of Orange has opened its door to 100+ youths, ages 6-18. When we support the Youth Center of Orange, we’re supporting after-school academic and recreational enrichment services. Services like tutoring, sports leagues, and a walking program that provides supervised passage to and from local schools.

Youth Center Youth Center


Paper Mart’s Partnership Supports Youth Development Services

Paper Mart is proud to serve the community by partnering with the Youth Center of Orange and supporting such amazing services. Using our DIY know-how and plethora of craft supplies, we are happy to encourage the next generation of creative minds and craft-lovers.

Youth Center Youth Center


Easy Family-Friendly Fun With The Youth Center

Recently, we worked with the center to create with an easy, family-friendly, and fun DIY that will help beautify and decorate for the season. Within this super cute pie, store sweet candy surprises, or even a slice of actual pie!

Youth Center Youth Center

FYI: If you loved this family-friendly craft and want to make your own, here’s how we did it!


Adorable Pie Party Favors

Almost sweet enough to eat, these fall-ready pie slices are the perfect way to surprise your guests. They’re quick, easy to make, and super cute! Perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

Youth Center

What You’ll Need:

How to make: To create your slice of pie, cut your construction paper and glue onto the surface of your single slice pizza box. To finish your pie, create a fluffy dollop of whipped cream using a stack of 5 doilies. Staple them in the center and fluff the edges outward. Glue to the center of your pie slice!


Youth Center

Loved these moments? Does your small business help support amazing organizations? Don’t hesitate to let us know about how you’re crafting for your community this season! Tag us at #mypapermart. We’re looking forward to crafting with the Youth Center of Orange again! In the meantime, stay tuned for more Paper Mart news, DIY videos, and more!

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