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Paper Mart’s Oval Bentwood Boxes Featured in Martha Stewart Living

Paper Mart’s oval bentwood boxes can be found in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. The article features a delicious recipe for lemon shortbread cookies with sanding sugar, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and candy. We always have sweets on the brain when Easter rolls around. Eggs, chicks and iconic peeps candies always seem to enter our consciousness one way or another. 

oval bentwood boxes

We’re always flattered and amazed by the creativity displayed by our everyday customers. When the opportunity arises to watch professionals work their magic, we observe with the same excitement and fervor as if we were in the kitchen or workshop right alongside them.

Oval Bentwood Boxes

First of all, let’s talk materials. We begin with these oval bentwood boxes which are made from thin unfinished poplar wood. They are steamed and then bent under pressure. As a result, different shapes of boxes are formed. The oval bentwood boxes used in Living magazine were lined with natural shredded wood from our diverse selection of gift shred. Paper Mart has a massive selection of ribbon, wrap, and embellishments to accompany any project you want to tackle. 

Click here to see the page from the print magazineoval bentwood boxes, or click here to visit Martha Stewart Living magazine online.  

Furthermore, you can find all of Paper Mart’s Easter packaging, containers, and bags here. Show your loved ones you care and stand out with Paper Mart! 


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