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Baby Shower Favors and Party Gifts for Every Style and Budget

Few events bring people together in the spirit of love, joy, hope, and anticipation of the future quite like a baby shower. Whether your guest list will be made up strictly of adults or include all ages, planning a baby shower for a good friend or loved one can be a dream come true for the crafty and DIY inclined.

baby shower

Even if this is your first time planning a baby shower and you have no idea where to begin, don’t panic! Paper Mart offers a range of baby shower supplies, packaging materials and video tutorials designed to ensure your event is a success, whether you are a novice or seasoned party planner.

Planning a Baby Shower: The Basics

Selecting a general theme for the event is a great place to start and can help you break the planning down into actionable steps. Some of the most common baby shower themes are designed around the baby’s gender, the parents’ favorite color scheme, modern vs. traditional, or casual vs. formal. Not sure where to begin? Picking out general decorations and building a theme around specific colors, patterns or textures is a great jumping-off point.

The Party Favors

From coffee or tea and cookies to popcorn and jelly beans, edible baby shower favors are an excellent party gift for guests of all ages. As an added bonus, a table full of favors wrapped in creative packaging can also serve as a stand-alone decorative piece and focal point to tie the theme of the baby shower together.

Packaging suggestions for baby shower party favors:

DIY Station

Customized gifts and favors that guests and expectant parents can save and treasure long after the baby shower is over give the event a unique, memorable flair and engage young and older guests alike. When it comes to do-it-yourself crafting supplies, the possibilities are endless:

Baby Shower Gifts and Keepsakes for the Parents-to-Be

Whether the guests of honor prefer to shop or are more partial to handmade furnishings and collectibles, a baby shower gift that can also serve as a decorative piece or furnishing after the baby is born is a special way to memorialize the event.

Ribbon Ruffle Pillow for Baby (or Parents!)

Materials needed:

Start with an old pillow you already have around the house, or purchase an inexpensive decorative or plain throw pillow.

Choose one of the following ribbons:

When it comes to planning a successful baby shower, creativity and personal touches are always a winning combination. A personalized approach is best. Take the guest of honor’s personal tastes and style into account. It’s always a great place to start!

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