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Miss to Mrs: Creative Bridal Shower Ideas to Celebrate the Bride-to-Be

There’s romance in the air! Whether you’re the maid of honor or the self-appointed bridal shower host (each has its own merits, so don’t sweat it!), you’re eager to share the love and celebrate.

Bridal Shower

If you are planning solo and just want something elegant, or are part of a super sleuth support team that wants to kick things up a notch, Paper Mart is here to assist. Choose from our collection of beautiful and versatile wedding-themed supplies, from champagne flutes to bridal gift wrap to wedding-inspired favor boxes and much more. With Paper Mart to guide you, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a bridal shower that provokes warm and fuzzy feelings, plenty of laughter and tears, and perhaps just a little bit of envy from guests.

First Order of Business: Bridal Shower Color and Theme

Every bridal shower should have a theme. Make sure, however, that you design the theme around the bride’s tastes; otherwise, it’s your celebration, not hers!

Traditional themes might have you thinking of white, silver and gold. While these colors are certainly beautiful and could be the ideal match for the bride-to-be, they aren’t the only options. Think of all the colors of the rainbow, and then think about what colors the bride loves to wear. One easy option? Raid her closet!

Embellish the Theme

Once you get a true idea of the bride’s style (boho, edgy, preppy, something else?), interests and color palette, you’ll be able to narrow in on the ultimate theme. If she’s a bit more laid-back and loves to hit the jogging trail, perhaps a serene waterfall or coastal beach theme would be ideal. For this theme, think blue or green tissue paper and pastel butterflies, along with plenty of shells and marine creatures.

If she’s the life of the party, wears stilettos whenever possible and can’t resist sampling the bar offerings, she’ll love with a mimosa bar theme. What might you want to include? You should have plenty of plastic champagne flutes with abundant sparkling wine and fruit juice combinations, and you might decorate tables with heart edge ribbon and clear cut crystal glass diamonds for a touch of sparkle.

Is the bride-to-be a total girly girl? If so, you’ll want to decorate in shades of pink, with lace and floral details wherever possible. Think fabric rose petals, French lace paper doilies, elegant crochet lace totes or lace bags filled with sweets.

Next: Plan Those Finishing Details

Either your chosen theme has you thinking up endless ideas, or you’re sitting in a daze, with your notepad blank and your pen tap, tap, tapping away. Don’t worry! Paper Mart is here to help.

Divide the notepad into different sections, for aspects such as walls, ceilings, and tables. For each section, write in what you want to include. Decorate walls with personalized messages, and hang plenty of pearlized balloons, streamers, and lanterns from a high point. 

To pull off a successful event, you’ll want to decorate like mad, but still, want to keep guests fed and entertained. Set out plenty of finger foods (wrapped in pretty detailing, like these lace cut paper cupcake wrappers) and party games, and keep the drinks table (alcoholic or not) fully stocked.

Paper Mart’s extensive selection of high-quality and versatile bridal shower supplies will help you decorate without breaking the bank. Soon, you could be asked to help with the wedding details!

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