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Easy DIY Birthday Party Decorations for Any Age

Birthday parties are the highlight of the year for those of us under 10-years old. Growing older doesn’t mean you need to ditch the festive birthday bash! With Paper Mart’s huge range of party supplies, you can whip together a ton of DIY birthday party decorations that even the oldest birthday boys and girls will enjoy.

DIY birthday party decorations

Handmade DIY Birthday Party Cupcake Garlands

Handmade garlands are the perfect way to add a touch of class to birthday frivolity, and cupcake liners make them a snap to put together.

To get started, simply thread a needle with sturdy string or twine, then pierce Paper Mart cupcake wrappers through the bottom center to add them to the garland. Keep the needle holes small so friction naturally holds the cupcake wrappers in place.

Set an adult theme with coordinated color choices, or go kid-wild and add every color and pattern in the rainbow!

Use Washi Tape to Make Disposable Eating Classy

Using real glassware and eating utensils make for annoying clean-ups and aren’t necessary for casual affairs like birthday parties. Instead, add a touch of DIY class to your disposable table items with some washi tape.

Simply wrap a single length of washi tape around disposable cups or glasses — an inch or two below the rim — for a mod-inspired accent.

For eating, whip together cute bundles by placing a set of disposable utensils in a folded paper napkin, then secure with a strip of washi tape wrapped tightly around the middle.

Easy DIY Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons are a simple way to bump up the volume on your DIY birthday party. It’s also a great solution for adapting party supplies to your chosen color scheme.

If you don’t have confetti on hand, take a hole puncher to decorative papers that fit your theme and make your own.

Take a small pinch of confetti and push it into empty latex balloons, then inflate and tie as normal. Air pressure and static cling will ensure the confetti spreads nicely and adheres to the balloon walls. Mix, match and experiment with different colors and confetti shapes to create the perfect DIY balloon-scape for your needs.

Turn Crepe Streamers Into Ruffled Garlands

Crepe paper streamers are a tried-and-true party decoration, but you can take them to the next level with a bit of layering and quick sewing. The result is a paper bunting delight that invokes town festivals and summer picnics on the lake. With a bit of care, you can save the garland for future events, from holidays to baby showers!

Crafty DIY Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Paper ice cream cone balloons are the perfect way to set the tone for a casual party. All you’ll need is some latex balloons, sheeted paper, scissors, and glue.

Get the complete instructions here.

Once completed, you can hang the ice cream cones on the walls or place them around the room. For an extra dash of fun, fill the balloons with helium and set them floating about. Also, attach the bottom of the cone to tables with a bit of decorative tape — the balloons will float, making for perfectly upright ice cream cone centerpieces!

Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Bouquets

Paper Mart’s tissue paper pom-poms have many uses but already look like bountiful hydrangeas right out of the package! Run with that floral inspiration by turning them into tissue paper pom-pom bouquets.

Simply bundle a variety of pom-poms together with metallic chenille wired cord, then decorate as you would with any flower bouquet.

Furthermore, if you’re feeling extra crafty, follow our crepe paper flowers tutorial to make your own blooms!

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  1. Amy Anderson August 21, 2017

    Ya! off course but if you want to celebrate the birthday party of girls was very easy because you have a lot of options but when you celebrate the party of a boy you were restricted to limited options you can arrange games or something like which boys like the most.

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