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Artisan-Inspired Wedding Favors

Weddings are filled with special moments—not just for the newlyweds, but for all the friends and family involved as well. A lot of planning goes into these events, and it can be easy to overlook the smaller aspects of the big ceremony. One of the last things on a couple’s mind at their wedding is what kind of favors to give to guests.

If you want your special day to be as memorable for your guests as it is for you, then you’re going to need handmade wedding souvenirs. If you want to make DIY wedding shower favors, Paper Mart can help you put ideas and supplies together for some of the most memorable gifts.

Edible Delicacies

DIY wedding shower favors

You can put as much care as you put into your wedding planning into perfect DIY wedding shower favors. With cookies, candies, and small chocolates, you can give your guests edible gifts that they’ll really enjoy. Taking the beautifully crafted package home guarantees that your guests will remember the ceremony and sweet union for years to come.

Instead of handing out store packaged items, personalize all of the treats you offer to your guests. Tying items together in a gift bag—whether it’s with an elegant organza or a bold plastic container—is a cute way for guests to have a little handmade wedding souvenir they can easily take with them. If you have a smaller gathering planned, pick up a few Paper Mart jars and fill them with your favorite homemade snacks. Don’t forget to create a personalized package with ribbons, bows, and tags!

Share Meaningful Recipes

A recipe book is a different kind of DIY wedding shower favor that will invoke memories of your wedding each time your recipients cook. They can be just four or five pages long, as long as they’re filled with special recipes that you and your partner enjoy together. Consider filling them with your favorite date night dishes or sweet desserts that your guests are sure to love!

Paper Mart’s supplies make creating these handmade wedding souvenirs quick and simple. Our selection of colorful paper gives you plenty of options for the pages of your books. We also have plenty of ornaments, including rhinestones and trims, so you can decorate the books with photos, drawings, and sparkles. Bind the books with mesh ribbon for a strong union that will last for decades.

Take Away Centerpieces

Setting the right mood for your wedding is extremely important, and using perfect pieces of décor can help you achieve that, especially when it comes to your reception centerpieces. Whether you choose a floral centerpiece or something less traditional, these items are an important part of your wedding reception. Designing them with items from Paper Mart can create unique DIY wedding shower favors that your guests will be thrilled to receive.

Since bouquets are a mainstay for centerpieces, we have an assortment of satin flowers and accessories—as well as durable containers that are great for displaying them. We also carry alternative centerpiece supplies, including LED lights, butterflies, decorative sprays, and glass marbles to fulfill all of your centerpiece ideas.

Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes

Your special day will be filled with memories that you and your guests want to cherish for a long time. While you can create a treasured keepsake from various wedding decorations and photos, your guests can remember special moments with a handmade memory box as their DIY wedding shower favors. Inside these small boxes you can include any number of treasures from your wedding day. Snippets of flowers from your bouquet or a small frame to hold pictures from the event are great things to include.

Putting together a memory box is as easy as picking from our selection of cardboard or custom printed containers. Once you’ve chosen the one that fits your wedding theme, customize it with ornaments that represent your ceremony. These handmade wedding souvenirs can have perching birds, sophisticated tassels, or diamond mesh along the outside. You can also consider using segmented wooden containers or handwoven baskets to ensure an impressive display.

Always Include a Personalized Message

There certainly are a lot of options when it comes to DIY wedding shower favors, and there is no wrong way to give your guests these handmade wedding souvenirs. No matter how you decide to thank your guests for attending your wedding ceremony, make sure to do it with a personalized message. Thanking them for being part of your special day will make everyone feel remembered and appreciated.

To ensure the success of your DIY wedding shower favors, Paper Mart has a variety of craft and paper options available, to ensure you find the right materials to make the perfect thank you cards. Whether you prefer something simple, like our natural jute tags, or something a little more extravagant, like decorative cards, we have everything you need. No matter the style of your wedding, thank you notes are essential items to include in wedding favors. Thank your guests in style with supplies from Paper Mart!


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