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As America’s largest discount shipping and packaging company, we take storage seriously. Not only do we provide everything you need for proper and efficient storage but we provide free ideas, tips and guides on how to properly and safely store inventory items.  Keep tuning in as we update this section with more information on all things storage related including corrugated and other cardboard boxes.

How to Store Ribbon

Whether you’re someone who crafts a lot or you just enjoy owning a variety of gift-wrapping materials, a few ribbon storage tips will help you stay organized and keep your home clutter-free. Tips range from purchasing a container designed to store ribbon to constructing one yourself from wood or another type of material.

When Money is No Object

If you have the funds for a cabinet that’s specifically designed to store your lace or fabric ribbon, consider purchasing a slim caddy. This kind of cabinet features dowels that you can use to hold each ribbon container. The addition of dowels are handy because you can pull them out to access your ribbon. A large wood wrapping paper holder is another storage option, and it’s perfect for storing large ribbon spools. This container is especially helpful if you need to pull off different ribbons for a project. Use it to store decorative cording and poly ribbons.

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