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5 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Craft Room Organized in the New Year

With a few clever upgrades, you can take your craft room from a tangled mess of ribbon and yarn to a well-organized, creative haven.


Craft Room


Stylish, functional, serene — that’s the goal for the perfect craft room, right? Every crafter dreams of creating a space that makes it easy to find inspiration…and even easier to find your scissors. Whether you have an entire room, a closet, or just a small corner dedicated to the hobby you love, we have five clever ideas to bring your crafting space to the next level this year.


1) Glass Jars and Metal Buckets

Inspired By: 2pry

We love this new twist on the classic pegboard! Your colorful craft supplies will stand out against the clean white background, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for. Add a few shelves at the top to display glass jars, and balance it all out by hanging metal buckets along the bottom. Toss in your favorite patterned washi tape for a few pops of color, and voila! You’ve got a practical and organizational system with personality for days.


Craft Room2) Bins, Bins, Bins!

Inspired By: Lilabelle Lane

Desktop bins are perfect for keeping your go-to crafting favorites organized and readily accessible. We recommend storing your craft glue, scissors, and fabric samples in cute wooden bins. For smaller items — like buttons and sequins — a divided bin with a clear sliding cover can keep your supplies sorted while giving you a view of what’s inside. Opt to organize each compartment by color for a bold, inviting look.



Craft Room


3) Repurposed Vases

Inspired By: DIYjoy

Have you amassed a sizeable collection of glass jars, which are now collecting dust in a closet or kitchen cabinet? Put them to good use! Keep your markers and paint brushes neat and tidy with a row of assorted vases. Fill them with beads and thread for added color. You can even tie burlap string around each vase to lend your craft room a rustic touch.



Craft Room


4) Tin Can Caddy

Inspired By: Shabby Chic Inspired

Paint several tin cans of different sizes. Then, nail or glue them to a Lazy Susan for a fun organizational system that keeps every craft supply within easy reach. Embellish the cans with scrapbook paper or your favorite ribbons and trimmings to match the rest of your craft room.




Craft Room5) Tubular Storage

Inspired By: Today’s Creative Life

PVC piping has countless storage uses. If you don’t have any on hand, however, white mailing tubes make a simple, easy substitute. Trim the tube down to the size you need and decorate it with washi tape or scrapbook paper. Glue several pieces together and lay the finished product on its side to form a craft paint storage system. Alternatively, place them upright to hold your pencils and paintbrushes.

Let these fabulous ideas guide you towards the craft space you’ve been dreaming of. A neat and tidy workspace will do more than keep your supplies in order — it will give you space to escape the stresses of daily life and unleash your creative side.

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