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10 Things CEOs Are Doing This Week – Paper Mart President Featured in Inc. recently featured Paper Mart President, Buffy Simoni in an article titled, “10 Things Successful CEOs Are Doing This Week.” Published last week, this article shares how successful entrepreneurs start the New Year. These successful leaders use it as a chance for renewed growth opportunities in their personal and work life. 

10 executives were asked to reveal what tasks/habits they do to start off their new year. Some executives such as Young Lee, CEO of Flame Broiler shared that he starts the year off by reassessing his business strategy. Creating balanced goals, being more thankful and doing something crazy are just some of the other things that some of these CEOs are doing the first week of 2018. 


New Year


Cleaning Up My Desk

Paper Mart President, Buffy Simoni, shared with that at the start of the New Year, she prioritizes a cleanup of her workspace. 

“I start the year by setting aside time to completely clean off my desk. Year-end leaves a whirl of projects and reports. Setting aside time, without distraction, to review and start fresh makes all the difference in focusing your intention on the future and your goals.”
— Buffy Simoni, President of Paper Mart

How is your desk looking after the holiday rush? Regardless of what industry you are in, it is always great to start the year off with a clean slate. Hopefully, an organized workspace will allow someone at any level to be more productive and focused all year long.


About Paper Mart President: Buffy Simoni

Buffy Frick Simoni is a fourth-generation daughter of the Frick family, and Paper Mart’s current President. She brings Paper Mart experience in other industries and gives us the vision and strength to be a vibrant full-service company for the years ahead. For more insight on Paper Mart’s current president, check out other featured articles such as the best advice from her mom and easy rituals from executives. 


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