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DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

heart garland

What You’ll Need

How To Make Your DIY Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we’re bringing you an adorable DIY heart garland tutorial! This project is super fun and easy to make. To get started you will need to gather a few ribbons and a deck of playing cards. You will need to punch two holes in each card and pull the ribbon through using a weaving technique. Once all the cards are strung up you can tie shorter mismatched ribbons between each card to give the garland a shabby chic look. The final step is to hang your garland and enjoy!  Watch our video tutorial below.

Enjoyed this craft? If you loved this how-to, stay tuned! We’re looking forward to helping you upgrade your decorations this holiday season with more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses. Keep following our blog for more crafty DIYs all year long!

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