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DIY New Year’s Eve Backdrop

DIY New Year's Eve Backdrop

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Photos are one of the best ways to commemorate your evening in all its glory. Whether you’re having a casual evening in with close friends or hosting a large soiree – a fun photo backdrop will be sure to make your night extra special. We recommend adding ribbons with a little glitter and sparkle to really make your photos pop.

Creating a photo backdrop is super easy and can be done the day of. Learn how to make one here!

To Make Your Backdrop, You’ll Need: 

Here’s How To Make A Glitzy New Year’s Eve Backdrop

Essentially you will need to select a number of ribbon colors and patterns that fit your theme and tie them to a wooden rod or pole. It’s super easy and really, only two steps.

  1. First, cut your ribbon into long pieces (twice the length desired for the final product), then grab the middle of the ribbon piece and place on top of the dowel.
  2. Next, grab the two ends and pull through the loop, then pull tight. Repeat these steps, alternating colors until the dowl is covered.

We suggest adding enough ribbons so they create a wide enough effect for your backdrop to take up the entire background of your photos. Happy crafting and Happy New Year!

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