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Paper Mart’s 9 Essential Crafting Supplies

Crafting is all about creativity. The inspiration for a craft can come from almost anything.  It doesn’t take much to get an idea for a craft project, but how to actually make it is a different story. However, every crafter has an arsenal of supplies and tools they use to get the job done. Our Paper Mart creative team is no different. We wanted to share our 9 essential crafting supplies that are needed to help turn ideas into reality.

Crafting Supplies

9 Essential Crafting Supplies


Whether you need a bow on a card, basket, or gift, ribbons can be utilized for almost any craft. They can be easily tied or glued onto any surface. It is also perfect as trim to hide little mistakes. We always like to keep a few favorite ribbon styles and colors on hand to use anytime.

Glass Jars

Mason jars are a very popular crafting item for any time of the year. They are perfect for personalized drinkware, flower vases, pencil holders and more. With its clear surface, glass jars allow for any type of embellishment and paint to match any occasion.

Glue Guns

Just like scissors, glue guns are a familiar staple to most crafters. Low-heat glue guns tend to be enough for most crafts. But for projects that need more stick, high heat glue guns are a must. Why not get one that can do both? Try upgrading your craft supplies by adding a dual-temperature glue gun.

Glue Dots®

Glue Dots® are becoming a crafting essential for those who need an adhesive that is quick and mess-free. These are pressure sensitive adhesive dots that bond instantly to any surface. Using a simple dispenser, Glue Dots® are perfect for quickly adhering small items to any craft.

String and Twine

String and twine are the perfect multi-purpose craft supplies for any crafter. It is the best for tying a deco mesh wreath or used as a pretty detail to finish off a project. String and twine are also great to have around the house to help hang up or tie things around the home.

Washi Tape

We can’t imagine what crafting life was like before washi tape. Available in so many patterns and colors, washi tape is the best! They stick to most surfaces and are easy to peel off leaving no residue behind. They allow crafters to easily add color to any craft project. Washi tape can also be great for labeling and organizing.


Love or hate the mess, glitter is a must when extra sparkle is needed for craft projects. Use it to beautify candles, Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, glass jars and much more. The possibilities are endless! You never know when something needs bling, so it’s best to keep some in stock.


It is not hard to explain why scissors are a must for crafting needs. But investing in a high-quality pair of scissors will ensure that your crafting will go smoothly. It is the worst to have a dull pair ruin a ribbon cut or paper. Intense crafting can get straining on the hands. Having a pair of scissors with a soft grip handle will ensure that you can keep crafting all day!

Crepe Paper

Social media is filled with beautiful crepe paper flowers by amazing crafters. But crepe paper is also great for wrapping, custom garlands or even colorful filler for baskets. The weight and flexibility of crepe paper make it easy to wrap, tape, twist, to fit whatever craft you want.

There is no predicting when you will be inspired to make your next craft. Having some essential crafting supplies always in stock will ensure that you will be ready! If you’re looking to upgrade your own craft essentials, we’ve made it easy for you. Check out our Craft Supply collection. We have these craft supply basics and more! If you loved this roundup, stay tuned. We’re looking forward to providing more product features, DIY craft videos, and tips for small businesses!


  1. Maria Kerfoot July 21, 2018

    Do you have printing service?
    I am interested in garment labels printed on fabric, approx .625 x 2.25

  2. Neha Sharma June 27, 2018

    Live examples are always helpful for people to understand and learn new techniques for doing a craft. Thank you for bringing all these wonderful ideas as this is so helpful for me and will always follow and share it with my friends.

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