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How to Use Bubble Wrap for Storing Fragile Items

A Quick Guide to Using Bubble Wrap to Store Anything Fragile for the Long Term

If you’re going to be storing fragile items for the long term, you will need to use the proper packing materials to ensure that your belongings don’t inadvertently break during transport or storage. Bubble wrap is a quick and easy way to keep delicate items safe, which means you can rest easy knowing that you have properly stowed your possessions. Here’s everything you need to know about using this packaging for long-term storage:

Don’t Use Bubble Wrap for Heavy Items

Bubble wrap is a rather amazing product, but it’s not perfect. The reason that this packaging is so effective as a storage material is because of the air bubbles that form a cushion around stored objects. If those bubbles burst or get crushed, the entire benefit disappears and the wrap is unusable. If you’re storing heavy items, avoid using bubble wrap to protect them. Instead, it should be used for things like glass and paintings.

Get the Appropriate Size of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap comes in a variety of sizes, and the bubbles can range from very tiny to very large. Smaller bubbles are generally easier to pop, while larger bubbles are stronger and more resistant. Larger bubbles provide a larger cushion of air around the object, meaning a better ability to resist blows. This makes wrapping with large bubbles ideal for large objects or objects that are easily broken. Large bubbles also make for great filler material if you need to fill space inside a container.

Smaller bubbles have greater flexibility and can fit into smaller spaces, so use bubble wrap with small bubbles for lightweight objects that are not terribly likely to break.

Tips for the Packing Process

When you are packing your box or storage container with, you want to ensure that the packing provides at least a two-inch deep cushion between the object and the box. If you find any spaces in the box, plug them with packing. After you have packed the item into the box, tip it in your hands to determine if the object still moves around inside. If so, you will need to insert more packing. Pack the wrap as tightly as you can. It is always a good idea to buy an entire roll of bubble wrap rather than smaller, pre-cut sheets, as this will ensure you have extra material on hand, should you need it. Even if you don’t use the entire roll, you can save it until you need it to store another item.

Bubble wrap is a great tool for storing items over the long-term, especially light and easily breakable items like glassware. To get the most out of your packaging, make sure you don’t use it for heavy items, ensure you have the correct size of bubble wrap for the job, and pack it as tightly as possible to avoid leaving spaces. With the right packing technique, you can ensure that your fragile items will endure whatever comes their way.

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  1. Scott November 11, 2016

    Thanks for this great article on bubble wrap. I like that you remind us not to use bubble warp for heavy items. It would be pretty sad to have someone use bubble wrap to protect something, but then have it break because it was too heavy. My brother is preparing to move next month. He should definitely consider using bubble wrap on his silverware and mirrors.

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