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How to Use Bubble Wrap

You might think that the purpose of bubble wrap is obvious: it is used to wrap fragile items so that they are cushioned and protected from damage during shipping, thanks to the pockets of air that provide additional padding. And this is certainly the main use for this packing product. But there are myriad other uses for the air bubble wrapping you purchase from With a little imagination you can do more than just protect your delicate items in transit. You can find all kinds of ways to make bubble wrap a part of your many projects and everyday tasks. Whether you use it for work or your personal life, or more likely both, here are just a few ways that bubble wrap can work for you.

Using Bubble Wrap Correctly

Naturally, you’ll want to use it to cushion and preserve items that contain glass, porcelain, or breakable parts when you move, ship, or store them. You can place it between plates and bowls to ensure they don’t get scratched or broken while in storage, or wrap up glass holiday ornaments when they’re not in use. You can wrap framed family photos and electronics during a move so that they make it to your new home unscathed. But these are fairly common uses for this handy and versatile product. There are far more interesting ways to get creative when using bubble wrap.

For example, you could use it in your closet, inserting rolls or bunches into purses, hats, and boots to help them hold their shape rather than buying expensive forms for the purpose. You could also use bubble wrap as an insulator. The air trapped in the bubbles can add an extra element of insulation as opposed to thinner materials, so place it under doors with gaps to stop drafts from sweeping through the house. Sure you could use a draft snake, but bubble wrap is much more economical.

Other Uses for Bubble Wrap

But bubble wrap can be used for more than just practical purposes. You’ll also find that it is well suited to creative pursuits. Wrap a piece around a paper towel roll or a rolling pin, roll it in paint, and create cool patterns on greeting cards, picture frames, canvas totes, or even furniture or walls if you want a textured effect. You can use it to make costumes, as well. What better way to create the arms of an octopus than with large gauge bubble wrap? And of course, it can make for a lot of fun at parties if you line your dance floor with layers of bubble wrap and have everyone jump around in bare feet.

There’s really no limit to the uses you can find for bubble wrap if you put your mind to it. Although it is designed for storing, packing, and shipping fragile goods, and it serves this purpose well, it’s not the only function for this versatile product. And whether your projects are large or small, you can find the air bubble wrapping you need to succeed at Paper Mart, with options and pricing designed to work for every purpose.

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