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How to Store Ribbon

Whether you’re someone who crafts a lot or you just enjoy owning a variety of gift-wrapping materials, a few ribbon storage tips will help you stay organized and keep your home clutter-free. Tips range from purchasing a container designed to store ribbon to constructing one yourself from wood or another type of material.

When Money is No Object

If you have the funds for a cabinet that’s specifically designed to store your lace or fabric ribbon, consider purchasing a slim caddy. This kind of cabinet features dowels that you can use to hold each ribbon container. The addition of dowels are handy because you can pull them out to access your ribbon. A large wood wrapping paper holder is another storage option, and it’s perfect for storing large ribbon spools. This container is especially helpful if you need to pull off different ribbons for a project. Use it to store decorative cording and poly ribbons.

A towel rack can also be repurposed to hold ribbons. Get a multi-tiered one to store more ribbon spools. This type of unit is a good option if you have a large number of ribbons. It also lets you place them in a closet or other enclosed spot for an even tidier appearance. If your ribbon storage container will be on display, consider investing in soda straw dispensers. The lid features a stem for the ribbon spools, and to access them, you’ll just lift it. You can even purchase a wall-mounted system that comes with holder racks. These types of racks are perfectly proportioned for ribbons, so they provide streamlined storage.

If the Budget is Tight

shoe box

Shoeboxes are particularly handy for ribbon storage. They are also affordable since they are included with a shoe purchase. With a few alterations, you can customize a shoebox for your ribbon spools. Use dowels, glue and large rubber bands to transform the box into a handy ribbon storage container. You can add holes to dispense the ribbon while the rubber band will keep them contained. It will also prevent your ribbons from becoming frayed or tangled.

A tackle box is another affordable storage container for your ribbon. You’ll need to use this type of storage option for loose ribbon. It’s also ideal for raffia. For enhanced organization, consider wrapping each ribbon piece around a section of matte board that you’ve cut according to the size of the tackle box’s individual units. Place a rubber band around each wrapped ribbon section to keep them tidy and contained.

If you have a stockpile of mason jars, consider putting them to use as ribbon storage containers. Glass jars are attractive, and they provide an easy way to store ribbon. Punch a hole in the lid to feed the ribbon through for added convenience.

Ribbon Storage Tips for Those who are Especially Crafty

If your crafty side is multifaceted, then you may prefer to build your own ribbon storage system. One option is to construct it from copper gutters. For this type of project, you’ll need to cut the gutters and cap the ends. Punch holes along the top end of the gutter to mount it to your wall. Be sure to assess the mounting area to avoid installing the system in the direct sunlight. This type of placement could cause your ribbon to fade.

An old picture frame can also be turned into a storage system for ribbon. Depending on the size of the frame, connect enough rod brackets along the back of the unit to hold from two to four wooden dowels. Then, slide your ribbon spools into place. This type of storage is handy, and it adds a decorative element to your craft room.

If you do have a room devoted to crafting and gift-wrapping, then the best tip for ribbon storage is to install long ribbon hooks along one wall of the room. The system offers easy access to the ribbon, and it keeps them orderly.

Staying Organized with Ribbon Storing Tips

By taking advantage of one or more of these ribbon-storing tips, you’ll not only keep a material that easily becomes a tangled mess tidy, but you’ll also ensure that your home remains clutter-free and organized.

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