Paper Mart Featured in CommPRO

CommPRO features Paper Mart

Buffy Simoni was recently featured in “A Look at Women in the Workplace” for the publication CommPRO. Speaking to the biggest issues and providing advice to prospective female entrepreneurs, Buffy is positioned as a leader in her industry with some great insights on empowering women in the workplace. When asked, “What advice can you offer to women who want a career in your industry?” Buffy responded with the following advice, “Understand what is your unique space in the market. The E-commerce world can be crowded. It’s vital that you have clarity on how to bring an experience that is different or better. At Paper Mart, we built our company on providing quality packaging solutions at low prices. What we do differently, and the reason our customers are so loyal, is that we also provide excellent service, which customers don’t always find online. That model of low prices and high quality service has set us apart in our industry. Finding your own magic formula is key to jumping into E-Commerce successfully.”

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