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[Video] 3 Ways to Design Pillow Boxes

From rustic and refined to classically chic – even patriotic – pillow boxes are the ever-versatile packaging solution.

Their sleek design and variety of finishes and materials make them perfect for party favors and small items. Learn how to easily package pillow boxes for every occasion and style – from natural to patriotic!

Natural Packaging

For a rustic touch to your small items and party gifts, layer natural elements with dainty details. We love the charming vintage feel a delicate lace doily brings to rough natural materials like Kraft and jute. Layering these dainty and natural textures infuses your next party favor or gift with a style that is rustic and refined.

Pillow Boxes

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Look

How To Create A Look That Is Rustic & Refined

  1. First, dress up your pillow box with a classic round doily. Layer your lace doily around the top edge of your pillow box and fold over. Secure the edges of the doily with dots of hot glue.
  2. Next, trim your natural cord and wrap your package up with a basic boutique bow.
    Note: A basic boutique bow can be easily made by creating two loops with your cord, crossing one over the other, and tying them together. Tighten to secure, fluff out loops as desired, and let the ends curl gracefully downward.
  3. Finish by gluing a colorful butterfly embellishment to your bow center.

FYI: If you’re loving natural, vintage style, check out our Rustic Packaging DIY!

Chic Pillow Box Packaging

For a classically chic touch to your boutique business or sophisticated birthday party, simply contrast a playful and modern accent with a 1920’s-inspired black and gold color palette. We love the witty and whimsical personality a pop of color brings to bold patterns. Layering a bright and bubbly bow against chic matte black and gold provides a modern and expressive accent to your brand or party.

Pillow Boxes

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Look

How To Create A Classically Chic Package

  1. First, fill your embossed box with sweet treats, small gifts, or your boutique product.
  2. Then, dress your package up with light gold washi tape accents. In the instance of creating an overall look of chic and sophisticated, less is more. Wrap your package in two bold stripes, once from the top to bottom, another around the sides.
  3. Finally, add your pop of color to the center of your package.

FYI: This chic packaging pairs beautifully with a stylish and chic Parisian themed party or elegant wedding. Find more sophisticated and fashionable decor ideas on our Pinterest!

Patriotic Pillow Box Packaging

For a festive and distinctly patriotic favor, incorporate stars, stripes, and tie it all together with a bold ribbon. We drew our inspiration from the American flag and the shining bursts of color which burst from celebratory fireworks. Layering a bold navy satin ribbon against red and white stripes is the perfect patriotic homage for your next 4th of July celebration.

Pillow Boxes

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Look

How To Add Patriotic Flair To Your Favors:

  1. First, fill your festive striped pillow box with sweet treats and small gifts.
  2. Then wrap your party favor or gift with a navy ribbon. Secure with a classic boutique bow.
  3. Finally, finish your celebratory package with fireworks! Weave your star garland through your ribbon and finish the ends easily with a corkscrew shape.

FYI: Celebrate the summer holidays with more festive decor options. Check out our curated Patriotic Party Collection!

With just a few steps and supplies, your products can be packaged easily and beautifully. Love these packaging How-To’s? Keep following our blog all year long for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!


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