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How to do Gift Packaging for Clothing Right

Online clothing retailers can avoid an underwhelming unboxing experience with these tips to exciting gift packaging.



 For online shoppers with an overabundance of choices at their disposal, compelling packaging and an exciting unboxing experience can make all the difference. Indeed, Google reports that 62% of people who view unboxing videos do so when they’re getting ready to make a purchase. By investing in quality packaging that simultaneously protects products and makes buyers excited to unwrap their order, online retailers can boost brand awareness and secure customer loyalty.

When it comes to clothing — especially clothing sent as a gift — e-commerce businesses need to pay special attention to presentation. After all, unboxing a purchase only to find a damaged or excessively wrinkled article of clothing would put a damper on any customer’s spirits — not to mention diminish the likelihood that they shop with you again. To avoid making a disappointing first impression, online retailers can follow five easy steps to get their gift packaging just right.


Step 1: Wrap it Up

After carefully folding the garment, wrap it in tissue paper to help it keep its shape while in transit. White tissue paper is classic and elegant, but if your designs are a little more funky or vibrant, don’t be afraid to play with brightly colored tissue paper for a bolder unboxing experience. Just to be safe, secure the tissue paper with a piece of Washi tape to ensure that it doesn’t unravel on its way to the customer’s doorstep.


Step 2: Box it Up

Instead of shipping your clothing items in plastic mailers, use a durable box to ensure your items don’t become wrinkled or damaged while in transit. You’ll want to select an apparel box that’s the right size for your item — too large and your items may slide around while in the mail, too small and the box might pop open during shipment. Keep a variety of sizes on hand so that you never have to resort to the wrong box for your items.


Step 3: Make it Pretty

After securing the apparel box with a bit of tape, tie some ribbon around it for a pop of added color. This will also prevent the packaging from opening en route. You might even want to add embellishments, such as faux flowers or feathers, to the exterior of your apparel box for an extra touch of fun.


Step 4: Safety First

To ensure that your shipment arrives intact, you’ll want to use cushioning products to pad your apparel. Shred fill and packing peanuts are both good options. By including them in your final shipping box, you can ensure that your customers’ orders arrive in mint condition. Plus, at such a low weight, they hardly add anything to your shipping costs.


Step 5: The Final Box

Finally, you’ll need to choose a box or carton for shipment. Make sure that your selection is durable enough to protect products without being so heavy that it adds unnecessarily to your expenses. Once you’ve placed the apparel box inside and added cushioning, seal your carton with tape, and send it on its way!

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