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Cushioning and Fills

Paper Mart is not only in the business of providing great paper products at low prices but we’re actually the largest discount packaging supply company in the U.S. and with over 26,000 items for sale, we have everything you need to prepare, package, and ship your mail.

We offer a complete line of cushioning products and bubble wrap that not only protects and insulates your product against damage, but also helps prevent the shock and vibration that can happen on the outside of the box, affecting the contents inside. Using the right materials ensures that your shipment doesn’t move around if the package is shaken or dropped.

Our full line of cushioning and bubble wrap products includes many types of loose cushioning fill, bubble mailing supplies, industrial shreds, pallet edge protectors, padded packing bags, and much more.

While some of our merchandise bears a similar name, each product has its own specific function and use. Storo-Pak Anti-Static Loose Fill promises superior cushioning and less settling. So, your package gets greater cushioning, protection, and added ‘spring’. Thicker than foam and more resilient than tissue cushioning, our bubble cushioning contains mini air pockets that make it ultra-light-weight and great at guarding against shock, vibration, and abrasion. This item is also 100% recyclable!

Need a way to protect and store your electronics? Self-sealing “Bubble-Out Packaging Bags” are a great choice when you want to prevent breakage. If you’re in need of mailing bags, we offer the standard Jiffy bag, but we’ve also created our own ‘Paper Mart Brand’ for even more savings. Additionally, we offer plastic indestructible bubble bags, one of the lightest types of cushioned shipping bags available. Our self-sealing bubble mailers come shipped to you in freight-saving cases, at a discounted price.

Our Greenwrap – Die Cut Interleaf Wrap allows you to bundle your items in affordable security and style. Simply unroll what you need, wrap delicate items and fold the ends. Green wrap makes the shipping process effortless! Paper Mart has the perfect solution for dispensing your Caremail Greenwrap. The Interleaf Dispenser easily attaches to any wall or table, making it easier to unwind your Greenwrap.

We also provide Industrial Shreds, a loose packing material designed for shipping or moving breakables. Choose from our huge selection of Shredded Newspaper Filling, Shredded Tissue Paper, Natural Wood and Colored Wood Excelsior.

Decorating gift baskets has never been easier or more festive with Paper Mart’s Gift Shreds and Basket Fills. Our Shredded paper selection is unrivaled and includes everything from Tissue Shreds and Paper Crinkled Shreds to Iridescent and Cello Shreds, with lots more in between. Celebrate your favorite occasion or come up with incredible gift ideas with Paper Mart’s Gift Shreds and Basket Fills.

Paper Mart offers you the best deals on the largest selection of cushioning products and bubble wrap, and our products come complete with Paper Mart’s money back guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the kind of quality you expect from us. Shop today!

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  1. Sally October 10, 2017

    Hi we need bulk shredded newspaper
    about a tonne or half a tonne
    we live on the Sunshinecoast Australia
    please email us

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