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Cute DIY Home Decor: Indoor and Outdoor Decorations for the Summer

If you’re having a staycation over the summer season, use this opportunity to create indoor and outdoor decorations to bring the true feeling of being on vacation to your home. Whether you’re planning an outdoor party with friends, or you just want to relax indoors with a book, these décor tips will add a little …Continue Reading »

5 Inspiring Looks to Consider When Decorating a Home Office

In this day and age, many people are foregoing the traditional office space to work from home. Though this can create some exciting opportunities, you’re not fully ready to take advantage of working remotely unless you have a great space in your home in which to get your work done. Properly decorating a home office can …Continue Reading »

Paper Mart Featured in Lady Lux Bridal Shower Article


Paper Mart’s disposable Champagne flutes and party decorations were featured in a July bridal shower article for Lady Lux magazine.

“Here’s the best hint, from our editors who have thrown tons of bridal showers, if you want to score fabulous deals on disposable Champagne flutes and decorations, opt to shop online at Paper Mart.”  View the …Continue Reading »

The Key Packaging Product Every Great Retailer Keeps on Hand

What’s the best packaging product for a retail business? The answer to that question will depend on the nature of your store. However, there are certain products that most retailers will use on a daily basis, and some of them offer more versatility than others. One such product is tissue paper.

Tissue Paper to the Rescue!

Running …Continue Reading »

Business Ideas: Butterfly Window Displays

Give your business a haute and trendy new look with butterfly embellishments! Butterfly window displays have been taking over store displays all throughout the retail industry, and it’s making our hearts “flutter!” We love this look, as it is attractive, unique and stylish. Whether you use an assortment of colored butterflies for a colorful “pop,” a single color …Continue Reading »

How to Decorate Ceiling with Tulle and Lights

Tulle is a fabulous, inexpensive way to decorate a room or large hall for special events such as a wedding, birthday, or baby shower. While the tulle itself is sufficient decoration in most cases, hanging lights with the tulle brings out an atmosphere of beauty, sophistication, and elegance.



Tulle (tulle bolts in light colors work best)
1/8″ …Continue Reading »