Cute DIY Home Decor: Indoor and Outdoor Decorations for the Summer

If you’re having a staycation over the summer season, use this opportunity to create indoor and outdoor decorations to bring the true feeling of being on vacation to your home. Whether you’re planning an outdoor party with friends, or you just want to relax indoors with a book, these décor tips will add a little extra excitement to your summer. Read on for great DIY summer ideas that will create a fresh, new look to spice up your home.

Comfortably Creative Cushionsdiy pillows

Ensure luxurious comfort in the room you like to spend the most time in by incorporating cushions into your space. Cushions are perfect projects for cute DIY home decor, and are the perfect accessory for a comfortable place to relax after a long day. Although you can always just go out and buy a throw pillow, creating your own cushion is a fun way to personalize your space.

Using craft supplies from Paper Mart, you can handcraft a cushion of your own! Use your choice of fabric, stuffing, and paint to create tie-dye cushions, or add feathers, ribbons, and satin flowers for unique statement pieces that match the existing decor.

Unconventional Containers

Centerpieces can be a great conversation starter at your summer gatherings when you choose to use unconventional materials. For something more rustic, a mason jar full of lavender and daisies is a great choice. More formal summer parties can feature glass jars that are filled with sand or water with a floating votive candle. You may also opt to be creative and fill the jars with any number of household items, including fruit, paper flowers, candy, or colorful, long stemmed leaves. These are all projects that you can take on in a single afternoon, and are cute DIY home decor ideas to elevate your summer-themed decorations.

Glass jars aren’t the only things ideal for centerpieces—woven baskets and wooden containers full of ornaments and embellishments, are also beautiful DIY summer ideas.

Flowers for Colorful Décorhyacinths

Summer is the season for brilliant colors and bold hues, and flowers are some of the most colorful choices to brighten up the season. For a cute DIY home decor idea, press and frame wildflowers along the walls of your home, or gild them with gold paint in a vase.

If you live in a region without many wildflowers, use faux flowers in different sizes and colors. These flowers create great accents for furniture pieces and go well with lamps, door frames, and wreaths.

Sustainable Upcycled Pieces

Recycling unused household items is an eco-friendly way to enhance cute DIY home decor. With just a few popsicle sticks,
painted and glued together, you can create unusual table mats for a fun, recycled look. Concrete cinder blocks can be repurposed for a chic outdoor planter or stack several blocks to build a fireplace.

Summer Décor

The possibilities are endless when you combine your creativity and Paper Mart’s supplies for cute DIY home decor projects. Explore the many options for home decorations with Paper Mart!

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