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Cute DIY Halloween Tulle Wreath

If you’re eager to put together some spooky decorations for Halloween, Paper Mart can help! Not only do we carry all of the craft supplies you need, but we’re also happy to treat our guests to some of our favorite craft inspirations. Read on to learn about one of Paper Mart’s favorite holiday projects: the DIY tulle Halloween wreath.

Required MaterialsHalloween Ribbon Wreath

To create a Halloween ribbon wreath, you’ll need:

At Paper Mart, our rolls of tulle are perfect for these spooky wreaths, as they’re narrow and available in a variety of different styles. Browse through our selection of plain black tulle, black tulle with polka dots, black shimmer tulle, or black sparkling tulle to find the perfect style for your wreath.

Cutting and Tying the Tulle

Once you have your supplies, set the wreath frame aside and begin cutting your tulle into strips. Your strips should be about a foot long. It is a good idea, however, to cut a few strips first and tie them in place on the wreath to ensure that they are the correct length. With a little practice, you’ll be able to discover the preferred length for your DIY Halloween wreath.

When you have enough strips of tulle, wrap one strip at a time around the wreath frame and secure it with a knot at the outer edge of the frame. The tails of each strip should point outward like a tutu! While the knots don’t have to be perfect, you should strive to make sure the length of your tails are even throughout.

When you finish each tie, push the pieces of tulle together so there are no empty spaces or bits of the wreath frame showing through. For a fuller wreath, simply tie more tulle onto it or double layer your strips when tying. To ensure that the outer edge of your Halloween ribbon wreath is even, you can also trim the outer rim when you’re done!

Putting on the Finishing Touches

Once you’re finished tying the tulle into place, it’s time to add the embellishments to your Halloween ribbon wreath. While perfectly beautiful on its own, this black tulle ribbon wreath is also a great blank slate that you can accessorize with our pre-made fabric ribbon flowers, curled nagorie goose feathers, and even Halloween decorations you may have left over from last year’s Halloween party.

Use plastic spiders, rubber rats, and other spooky accessories to make your wreath a Halloween masterpiece! Once you’ve organized your ornaments into a formation that you love, glue them in place with a hot glue gun.

A Perfectly Monstrous Spin-Off

While we love the eerie elegance of the Halloween ribbon wreath in black, there’s a monstrous spin-off that we couldn’t helpDIY tulle Halloween wreath
but tell you about! The steps are exactly the same as the DIY wreath above, except you’ll be using monster-themed colored tulle instead. Choose from bright green, purple, or red tulle to create a wreath that is both fun and spooky. Instead of the accessories we used before, pick a flat sheet of white foam and two styrofoam balls.

Cut and tie the colorful tulle around the wreath frame following the instructions from the previous project, and then set it aside. Next, paint pupils on the styrofoam balls and use toothpicks to secure them to outer rim of your wreath form. From there, take the styrofoam sheet and cut a zigzag across it, so that it looks like sharp teeth when separated. Use a hot glue gun to secure the styrofoam fangs to the back of the wreath. The empty space in the middle of your wreath will look like the monster’s mouth—rawr!

Shop Today!

Shop at Paper Mart today and you’ll have everything you need to wow your visitors with a perfectly spooky DIY tulle Halloween wreath project this holiday season.

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