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5 Inspiring Looks to Consider When Decorating a Home Office

In this day and age, many people are foregoing the traditional office space to work from home. Though this can create some exciting opportunities, you’re not fully ready to take advantage of working remotely unless you have a great space in your home in which to get your work done. Properly decorating a home office can make all the difference in terms of your your attitude, which inevitably affects productivity.

decorating a home office

Despite what many may think, your home office doesn’t have to be a drab corner or a little nook. Since your office is part of your home, it should receive just as much care and attention as the rest of your living space. Decorating a work office doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating either—transform your space with the following design tips and products from Paper Mart.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Color

decorating a home office

Function over fun is a mantra that many people use when putting together their office space, but don’t let the traditionally uniform spaces stop you from boldly decorating a home office. Instead of going with something that is plain and monotone, bring in splashes of vibrant hues to really make your space pop.

The fabric section at Paper Mart is a good place to start, as we have a wide range of wraps, satin, and lace pieces. Our burlap style jute fabrics are great if you have a rustic design scheme in mind, while satin and lace are useful for giving your home office an elegant air. Fabrics from Paper Mart come in many different colors, and we recommend choosing two or three to establish the color scheme you envision. We also carry embellishments to match your color scheme in the form of flowers, birds, and sprays. You’ll be surprised, but just a few hints of color can make decorating a home office office more fun and make your space more inviting.

Accent Furniture Pieces

Accent Furniture Pieces

Choosing the right furniture pieces is extremely important when decorating a home office. Whether you’ll be working in the space for a small amount of time each day or spending the entirety of your work hours there, you want to make sure you are comfortable. If you’re on a budget or you already love your home furniture, you can accent and accessorize with items from Paper Mart.

Tassels and trim are the easiest way to infuse life into old furniture. Embellish your curtains and lampshades with a powerful artistic statement using braided cord or ruffled ribbon. Our molded plastic pieces and flowered bows are also simple additions that can be used to make furnishings more exciting and engaging.

Office Supply Accessories

Office Supply Accessories

When decorating a home office, it’s important to create a mild office environment that keeps you on task and focused. To ensure that your work space feels like an office, incorporate all the supplies you need, including pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and more. Having them in one place also prevents you from running around the house searching for these items when you need them.

To display your office supplies in a beautiful, accessible, and fun way, explore Paper Mart’s selection of jars, wooden containers, and baskets. Our woven baskets, for instance, are great for storing paperwork and important files, while our rustic mason jars serve as decorative pencil, paper clip, and thumb tack containers.

Maximize Available Space

An effective tactic for increasing productivity in your home office is to maximize space. Not everyone is able to have an entire room dedicated to their work environment. Even if you have just a tiny corner in your kitchen or living room available, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an effective work area. At Paper Mart, we have plenty of space saving solutions you can utilize at home.

A huge variety of Paper Mart containers and cartons can help you pack and store many household items to create more work space for yourself. Durable shelving units are a breeze to construct, when you repurpose our kraft cardboard boxes. Line these boxes with a wood coating, and your shelves will look hand carved from mahogany and oak.

Storage and file boxes will also help you make more room in your work space by removing and storing all unnecessary paperwork. Clear up even more space when you choose from a variety of bin boxes to store any number of kitchen, bedroom, and office knick knacks out of your way.

Effective Lighting is Key

Decorating home office with lights

Lighting has been proven to affect mood and productivity in the workplace. Poor lighting not only hinders productivity, but it also causes eye strain and headaches. Utilizing natural light from windows is a great idea, but if there aren’t enough windows in your space, you’ll need to create your own lighting to keep you calm and focused. When decorating a home office, be sure to create extra lighting sources! Paper Mart has the supplies to help you build personalized office lighting pieces.

Desk lamps are typically used in an office environment, but these utilitarian pieces can distract from the design of your space or cause a glaring light that reflects off your computer. Instead, use mason jars, LED lights, marbles, and flowers to create multipurpose mood lighting, decoration, and office lighting.  In fact, research has found that LED lights are tuned to the correct color of light for circadian stimulation and for task optimization—so choose from green, purple, red, blue, or white LED strings at Paper Mart to optimize your work environment.

Hard at Work

Working in a space you love will enhance your mood and affect everything you’re working on. The same is true of negative feelings in your work space. Let Paper Mart help you in decorating a home office that makes you feel happy and productive.

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