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Paper Mart’s Guide to Custom Product Packaging

Take your small business branding to the next level with customized product packaging.


According to a recent study, 40% of online shoppers report that premium packaging makes them more likely to purchase a product. It makes sense: consumers trust that a business that invests in quality packaging also invests in quality products.

Outside of consumer confidence, branded …Continue Reading »

Paper Mart’s Guide to Becoming a Seller on Amazon

Becoming a successful seller on Amazon isn’t as complicated as you’d think.


For over two decades, Amazon — the largest online retailer in the world — has helped vendors sell their products. Today, more than 40% of the ecommerce behemoth’s sales can be attributed to third-party sellers.

The benefits for businesses and individuals are clear: sellers who …Continue Reading »

A Guide to Packaging Items for Amazon FBA

Selling your products through Amazon? You’ll need Amazon-compliant shipping supplies to get products from your stockrooms to Amazon’s fulfillment center.



As e-commerce becomes a key component of many retail businesses, a primary challenge business owners face is determining how best to deliver products to a broader customer base (without breaking the bank). Finding warehouse space, processing …Continue Reading »

Eco-Friendly Industrial Packaging for your Business

 If you want to make a switch this year to being a more sustainable company, a smart move to make is choosing eco-friendly industrial packaging. Packaging materials that are recyclable or biodegradable offer many benefits to both you and your customers. They also make your business more sustainable and successful in the long …Continue Reading »

Women in Business: President Buffy Simoni Featured on American Express Open Forum


We are excited to share an article that is posted on the American Express Open Forum. Open Forum is hosted by American Express and is a blog for business owners. They recently posted an article titled, “18 Insights Into How Women in Business Embrace Competition.” This article highlights and quotes 18 powerful women …Continue Reading »

Business Ideas: Butterfly Window Displays

Give your business a haute and trendy new look with butterfly embellishments! Butterfly window displays have been taking over store displays all throughout the retail industry, and it’s making our hearts “flutter!” We love this look, as it is attractive, unique and stylish. Whether you use an assortment of colored butterflies for a colorful “pop,” a single color …Continue Reading »