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How to Ship Vinyl Records

Here’s how to ship multiple vinyl records safely and preserve the integrity of your record. From the packing supplies you need to tips on the best way to pack vinyl records for shipping, we’ve got the scoop! 

how to ship vinyl records

The Difficulty With Shipping Fragile Items

Nothing compares to the raw sound a beautifully pressed vinyl can bring. It’s simultaneously smooth and scratchy with soul poured into each song. Needless to say, we love a great record, and when we’re shipping vinyl records, we always do our best to take extra precautions to keep them safe. 

Due to their size and construction, records are easily susceptible to damage and should be treated as extremely fragile – especially if you’re shipping vinyl. 

A Few Things To Consider When Shipping

  • Overall Construction | Records are usually tall and thin (a standard LP is usually 12” in diameter). The dangers with lanky packages can include potential mishandling like bending or breaking of the item. When mailing vinyl records, inner box stability is imperative.
  • Environmental Risks | To help minimize damage to your package as much as possible, clearly label your item as “Fragile” and provide support on all sides with a tightly sealed, sturdy mailer.

With the dangers of a bumpy commute or potential mishandling putting your package at risk, safe packaging techniques should always be your priority. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips that can help protect your vinyl from damage during shipping.

How to Keep Your LPs Safe: An Easy Guide

From our packaging professionals to you, here’s the best way to ship vinyl records.

First, You’ll Need Inner Box Cushioning Designed For Stability

Generally, when packaging items for shipping, you want to fill in any potential empty spaces between your items and the outer package. This will help absorb any potential shock that may occur during the commute as well as keep any potentially loose items in place. The typical solutions for cushioning options can range from extra flexible crinkle paper to bendable, foam sheets. 

However, in the case of vinyl record packaging, the best way to stabilize your record is with a sturdy piece of material packaged tightly and securely using the Sandwich Method.

About The Sandwich Method

The idea behind the Sandwich Method is simple. You want to compensate for the tall and thin construction of your record on both sides with a firm, non-breakable cushion. This will help absorb any shocks from bumps during the commute, keep your records from slipping and moving within its mailing package, as well as prevent potential warping. 

When implementing the Sandwich Method, we like to use two sheets of extra sturdy corrugated cardboard (12-/1/2”  x 12-/1/2”)

The Best Way To Ship Vinyl Records: The Sandwich Method

1.) Start with putting your record and jacket in a clear poly sleeve.

2.) Then, position one side of your vinyl against your corrugated cardboard backing.

3.) Next, create a sandwich with the second piece of cardboard by placing it on top of your record. 

If you’re wondering how to ship multiple vinyl records, at this step, place your second record against this cardboard base and continue the sandwich method.

4.) Finally, make sure the corners of your cardboard are appropriately aligned and place your sandwich in your cardboard mailer. Securely fold your mailer shut and tightly tape any loose seams.

Did You Know? Corrugated cardboard is made up of a stiff, fluted layer of paper surrounded by two outer cardboard layers.This layering process can result in a cardboard sheet that can range in a wall thickness from 0.25 mm to 7.9 mm thick! To learn more about corrugated cardboard, visit our post here!

You Will Also Need A Sturdy, Clearly Labeled Mailer

To make sure your records arrive safely and quickly, use a corrugated cardboard mailer with extra sturdy walls and easy to read labels.

Vari-Depth Mailing Boxes For Records

When we’re shipping records, we rely on a square, vari-depth mailer. Vari-depth mailers are die-cut and scored at 1/2” intervals. This allows us to fold at the depth we need, minimizing the space between our cushioning and mailer. 

The Importance Of Labels

To help ensure your shipper is aware of your fragile package, clearly label the exterior of your outer package. The addition of a simple message that indicates, “Fragile | Handle With Care” can help the handling process go smoothly. 

A Few Warning Label Tips
  • Make sure your label is written, typed, or printed in a neat and easy to read manner (like black type against a white label background).
  • If your label requires a barcode, make sure the barcode is positioned on a clear, flat surface so scanning will be quick and easy.
  • If your package contains fragile or delicate materials, use warning labels on the exterior to make the shipper aware.
Clear Labels That Everyone Can Read

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