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Infographic: Paper Mart’s 5 Crafts for a Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Fiesta

Everyone loves their tried-and-true Fourth of July decor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t up the ante with something new. Dazzle your guests with these creative projects and crafts, from patriotic candle holders to a colorful watermelon pinata.


For more detailed instructions, check out our video tutorials here:

Fourth of July Party Poppers
Watermelon Pinata
Golden Garlands

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Thinking Outside the Box: The History of Cardboard Boxes & E-commerce

Without cardboard boxes, the age of Amazon may never have happened.

Forget shoe boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, and pizza boxes: the most popular (and iconic!) box in the world is the cardboard shipping box. Children make forts out of them. Adults use them for storage. E-commerce giants like Amazon have deployed them to keep up with …Continue Reading »

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

A simple cardboard box contains more than meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about corrugated cardboard.

Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, corrugated cardboard is a popular packing material for both business and personal needs. And once you’re done packing, the creative uses for corrugated cardboard are endless!

What is Corrugated Cardboard, Exactly?

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