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As the leading shipping and packaging supplier, we take fragile items seriously.  This is why we not only stock the best bubble wrap an bubble mailers but we also provide tips on storing, shipping and handling fragile items.

FedEx Features Paper Mart for SameDay City Delivery

Paper Mart has a fleet of delivery trucks delivering orders to local customers all over Southern California. We also utilize a number of other services to deliver products around the nation.

Paper Mart strives to deliver the best customer experience possible. In this pursuit, we have partnered with FedEx to offer SameDay City, a scalable, cost-effective …Continue Reading »

Using Bubble Mailers to Ship Fragile Items

The Protective Padding of Bubble Wrap Technology

Bubble wrap is a widely used protective material with industrial and commercial applications. A pair of engineers accidentally invented it in 1957 while trying to create three-dimensional wallpaper using plastic materials. Bubble wrap comes in a variety of forms, and different sheets are available with various sizes of bubbles. …Continue Reading »