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5 Eye-Grabbing Window Display Ideas for Back-to-School

Need some window display inspiration for back-to-school? Try one of our 5 fresh ideas!

It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s time to change over your store’s window displays to attract school year shoppers. Don’t just resort to the usual pencils, papers, and rulers motif — think outside the box to create a display that will enchant customers (and encourage them to do their shopping with you!)


window display


The most successful window displays aren’t literal; they stick to a theme and then push its boundaries. For a unique back-to-school window display, try one of these whimsical motifs:


Crafty Classroom

For a fun twist on a more literal interpretation of “back-to-school,” build a classroom scene out of unconventional materials! For a stationary store, build desks and chairs out of notebooks or pens. For a clothing store, try a 2-D scene made out of fabric. For colorful embellishments to your design (and a little inspiration), browse through our craft supplies.


A “Harvest” of School Supplies

This is a fun window display idea that infuses back-to-school shopping with the spirit of fall. Create apple trees out of paper and wire, then pile farm baskets full of notebooks, pencils, calculators, or other supplies around the trunk. This display will make your customers eager to go apple-picking — and school supplies shopping!


“Shine at School”

This idea will work especially well for clothing retailers: choose garments with glitter or shine to feature, then deck your window out in sparkle. Use materials like sequins or diamond wrap to instantly add visual interest. If you want even more shine, you can cover your backdrop in metallic wrapping paper.


School Dance

This idea is sure to be a hit at trendy boutiques! For the ultimate homecoming dance look, start with a dark backdrop and string colorful LED lights across the window. Play around with different colors and styles of lights — choose ones that flash in different sequences to contribute to the festive atmosphere!


“Let Ideas Take Flight!”

Our last window display idea is a bit more abstract, but just as fun! Picture a student sitting in a classroom setting, dreaming of what she wants to be when she grows up. Bring her thoughts to life with birds, butterflies, or cotton clouds that you hang from the top of the display.


Any of these window displays are sure to be exciting and memorable. We’re offering special discounts all through August, so make sure to order your window display supplies today!

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