Decorate Your Home for this Summer’s Hottest Parties

Summer Party Patio

Barbecues and bonfires are just around the corner. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or want a reason to invite your friends over, festivities are bound to fill up the warm summer months. If you plan on hosting a party this season, make it a memorable event with the right décor to set the perfect mood. Whether your style is vintage chic, bohemian, or post-modern, here are some DIY tips to tie together the summer’s most creative bash.

Summer Party Tablescape

Flowers, Feathers, & Further Embellishments

Décor should never be overdone in an attempt to make a big impression. Instead of using banners, signs, and streamers at your party, minimize traditional party decorations in favor of elaborate embellishments. Explore marbles, flowers, ribbons, and decorative sprays as ideas to create something unique and personal. At Paper Mart, we have an endless collection of the best accouterment and accessories that can take your décor to new horizons.

Summer Party Food

Items to Set Off Your Table

One simple way to distinguish your get-together is to serve food on tableware sure to delight and surprise your guests. Discard bland paper plates and red plastic cups. Instead, discover a diverse assortment of tabletop items from decorative food trays to colored clear cups. To establish an impressive place setting, incorporate doilies, covers, and glass vases.

Summer Party Flowers

Paper Items that Pop

No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, you want to stay conscientious of your budget. If you splurge on silk flowers and crystal chandeliers, there probably won’t be enough room to account for quality food and drink. Instead of wasting your budget, explore affordable substitutes with tissue paper pom-poms, paper lanterns, and even fabric flower centerpieces. For all of your paper décor, gift bag, and party supplies, Paper Mart has the splash of color and style for your next big event.

Summer Party Ideas

Do-It-Yourself Décor

When it comes to this summer’s party décor, avoid the standard ornamentation found at every barbecue and business luncheon. Mix and match with LED garlands, decorated plant stakes, and wired ribbons. Shop with Paper Mart to expand your imagination, express your creativity, and wow your guests with the celebration of the season.

For more information about our products, contact our dedicated team today. We’re happy to help plan your next event and personalize the experience for you and your guests!

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