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Easy DIY Paper Crafts for Your Baby Shower

Whether you’re a party planner or a family friend, throwing a baby shower is a complicated task! The focus should always be on the expectant mom-to-be. However, it’s important that your guests feel welcomed into a festive atmosphere to set the mood for the entire occasion. Coordinating refreshments, catering and seating likely eats up most of your time, so the last thing you need is to stress about the decorations. Fortunately, Paper Mart carries a huge range of choices for quick and easy DIY paper crafts for your baby shower, perfect for adding the sort of personal touch that’s guaranteed to make it a memorable day.

DIY Paper Crafts for yourBaby Shower
Here are just a few ideas for DIY paper crafts to get your baby shower started!


Gift Bag Centerpieces

Baby showers are all about fun and frivolity, so a crafty paper-based centerpiece is a perfect fit.

Making one is super easy! Pick some colorful paper bags, then fill them with flowers, tissue paper pom poms or these pearlized latex balloons!

This adorable crinkle cut paper shred is the perfect stuffing to hide balloon weights or fill out the bottom of the paper bag. Leave a few shreds hanging over the bag’s edge for a slightly messy and handmade visual accent.


Paper Snails Diaper Cake

Paper Snails Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are all the rage, but building an elaborate three-tiered diaper creation can take as long as baking an actual cake!

As an alternative, these coo-worthy DIY paper snails are a perfect way to fill a tablescape with mini diaper cakes. You can even use them as place settings for a baby shower lunch. You will just need diapers, rubber bands, a thumbtack and some sturdy bright paper, like these colored corrugated paper sheets.

Get the template and complete directions here.


Washi Tape PensWrapped Pens and Pencils

No baby shower is complete without a round of baby games, and many of the most beloved activities require your guests to write, draw or scribble their contributions. Instead of passing out a handful of bland ballpoint pens, spice up your writing utensils with some festive satin ribbon or colorful washi tape that’ll set the mood for everyone!

Using a hot glue gun, simply run a small bead of glue down the entire length of the pen. Next, pick a variety of satin ribbons and wrap them carefully around the pen. A bit of messy placement is perfect for that handmade aesthetic. For an extra touch, glue one of these pre-tied tiny grosgrain bows onto the top of each completed pen.

Don’t have time to glue ribbon? No problem! Just take some patterned washi tape and wrap it around your pencils or pens! You can even add some colorful feathers on top. 


Light-Up Favor Box Name Cards

These tab top favor boxes are the perfect way to send your guests home with some tasty treats. They can also make eye-catching name cards!

To get started, you will need an Exacto knife and stencils (or a very steady hand!). This is in order to cut out the names of each guest on the front surface of the favor box. For an extra personalized touch, try using the guest’s nickname instead of their given name.

Once the cut-out is done, stuff each favor box with a small string of battery-operated LED fairy lights, along with a six-inch length of sheer organza ribbon to scatter the light. Afterward, every guest will be able to take his or her place next to their softly glowing name.

Whatever your project, Paper Mart gift boxes, ribbons, and gift bags offer a universe of DIY paper crafts for your next baby shower!

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