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Gift Guide: Glitzy & Glamorous Gift Packaging

This season, don’t be afraid to get a little glamorous and wrap with shiny metallics, design with diamonds, and accent using glitter. Let us show you how!


High Shine Metallics For A Glamorous Gift


Nothing says glam like dramatic, shiny gift wrap. If you are looking to make a statement with your gift, we recommend this contemporary Silver Trees Gift Wrap.

Its icy cool silver color scheme, reflective metallic detail, and modern Christmas tree motif is a great way to bring on the glam and create a show-stopping present.

FYI: For more metallic options, check out our Metallic Wrapping Paper Collection.


Glitzy Embellishments That Shine

If you’re going to go the extra mile by making or purchasing a glamorous gift, then don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops. Now is the perfect time to layer on the glitz and break out your faux diamond embellishments.

A faux diamond wrap is a lush way to add eye-catching drama to a seemingly simple gift. For this present, we used a wide faux jewel diamond wrap in silver. Each diamond is made of multifaced plastic and molded to mimic the sparkle and glisten of a real jewel. It is then woven together to form an easy to work with a wrap that could be layered onto any material. It’s the perfect way to add opulence to any gift.

FYI: If you’re want to embellish even more with jewels, visit our Jewels & Rhinestone Collection.


Finish With Glossy & Glittery Ribbon Accents

Finally, top your gift off with sparkly bow accents. There is nothing more astonishing than a voluminous bow that glimmers. For this gift, we use the 3D Dots Metallic Ribbon.

The 3D Dots Metallic Ribbon provides just the right amount of over-the-top shimmer that we need to finish our glamorous gift. Its wired edges make it easy to shape and design extravagant bows and loops.

FYI: Explore our Glitter Ribbon Collection for ribbons that sparkle.

What types of presents are you wrapping up this season? Show us using the social tag #mypapermart. If you loved these tips and want to see more, stay tuned. We’re looking forward to making more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses!

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