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Paper Mart’s Guide to Shipping Easter Baskets

Avoid a chocolate bunny meltdown with these tips for packaging and shipping your favorite Easter baskets.

Easter Baskets


Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be gifting in your Easter baskets. With these simple tricks for safely packaging and shipping your Easter baskets, you can ensure that your springtime treats arrive unharmed, with that life-sized chocolate bunny fully intact.


Find the Right Basket

The first step to shipping your Easter basket is making sure you choose the right basket. A flat-style basket is the easiest and least expensive option for shipping, so you may want to forego the classic long-handled basket in favor of something more compact. Secure your items with dome shrink or cellophane basket bags, ensuring that your plastic eggs, treats, and trinkets don’t shift too much during transit.

Even without the classic handle, you can still dress up a flat basket so that it’s a festive surprise for your loved ones. Once your basket is sealed, tie it up with seasonal ribbon or wrap it with fun Easter-themed wrapping paper before packaging it in a shipping container and sending it on its way.


Protect Your Perishables

Chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are a staple of Easter baskets. Unfortunately, they don’t always hold up well after several days in the mail. If you’re determined to send perishable items for Easter, you should consider working with shipping partners to secure expedited shipping and temperature control, if possible. If you go this route, you’ll still want to package your sticky treats with care so that if they do melt, they won’t ruin the rest of the basket’s contents.

Cello gusseted bags are food safe and can be heat sealed to prevent messy spills. To send hard candies like jelly beans or treats that come individually wrapped, use colorful drawstring or cone-shaped bags with orange candy and green ribbon to make a carrot-shaped treat that even the Easter Bunny himself would love.


Wrap It Up

Once your Easter basket has been filled and sealed, you’ll want to package it properly to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged en route to its final destination. A sturdy corrugated cardboard box is a great way to ship your basket — just be sure to pick the right size to protect your shipment.

When it comes to cushioning materials, bubble wrap is always a good idea for particularly fragile items. You can also use colorful shred fill for cushioning, which doubles as fun basket décor.


Finally, be sure to ship your basket well in advance of April 1 to avoid rush shipping fees. Keep in mind that packages usually don’t deliver on Sunday, so you’ll want to be sure that your basket arrives by Friday March 30 so that your loved ones can open their baskets first thing on Easter morning.

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