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Take Out Boxes – A Necessity for Restaurant Owners

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of take out options available for purchase and customization. Take out boxes are not only convenient leftover containers, but great opportunities for restaurateurs or do-it-yourself chefs to provide wonderful customer experiences after your customer leaves.

Here we discuss a few popular take out containers as well as trending eco-friendly options.


Takeout Boxes

The Classic: Handled Take Out Boxes

First and foremost, we have to address the classic folded white take out boxes. Usually made from food-safe wax or plastic coated paper, these handled boxes are fantastic. They’re synonymous with late night orders, delicious food, and all around good times. White take out boxes are a favorite among restaurant owners because they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points.

Our favorite features of a folded white take out box include a convenient handle (sometimes wired, sometimes unwired), recyclable material content, and the ability to be microwaved.


The Must Have: Clamshell Containers

Next, the new favorites, the clamshell containers. These one-piece hinged boxes a must have among fast and slow food restaurants, bakeries, and delis.  Like the classic folded take out box, they’re available in a variety of sizes, styles, and price points.

We love clamshell containers made from materials with intent and care, such as biodegradable molded fiber or recyclable plastic. These materials are also known to safely support a wider variety of food – from cold sandwiches and salads to baked goods. They also have a compact, hinged design known to make storage and organization easy. Our favorite clamshell boxes have a flat top (or label window) which can easily fit a custom designed label.


The Eco-Friendly

We love seeing a restaurant encourage a greener future by using reusable and recyclable products. Now more than ever, food service professionals have been making strides towards greener, more eco-friendly packaging.

Popular eco-friendly packaging options:


The Custom Package

Finally, when it comes to your customer’s experience, it doesn’t end when you pack up their leftovers. Your take out packaging presentation is everything. If you run a restaurant or are a DIY chef looking for a way to boost your brand recognition, consider custom packaging. A few simple ways to integrate your brand into your take out packaging include custom print bags, boxes, and labels. With the freedom to customize, you’re able to proudly display your logo and leave a lasting impression on your customers.



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    How much are your 20 once oyster trays ?? Also can we have our ligos put on them

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