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Ways to Embellish Your Valentine’s Day: Gift Tags

Are you getting ready to share the love this upcoming Valentine’s season? Consider a gift tag. Whether you are a business owner looking to offer your customers a packaging add-on or simply looking to create a personalized package, gift tags are a great way to share the love for any occasion.

image of two boxes held together with narrow paper mart satin ribbon and a bottle wrapped in paper mart tissue. each package is embellished with a gift tag.

Our packaging experts have compiled a couple gift tag purchasing tips that can help you find the perfect option for you and your business. Check it out here!

Finding The Perfect Gift Tag For You & Your Business

Packaging that is personally addressed and finished with a gift tag is always special. When it comes to the world of gift tags, there’s a wide range to choose from! From strung hang tags for merchandise to decorative and pre-addressed tags for gifts and more, we understand how the sheer amount of choices can get confusing. A couple of things we like to look for when shopping for gift tags are the overall style and type and the package quantities the tags will come in. Let’s get started.

Convenient Gift Tag Options To Love

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to purchasing packaging like gift tags, we try to consider how we’re going to use it. Will we be offering these gift tags to our customers? Are we using them for personal gifts or craft projects?

Once we determine how the tags are going to be used, then we let that guide our next purchasing decision – what type of package option will work best for me? Often, gift tags are offered in different package options depending on the use.

  • Prepackaged Sets or Retail Packs | Gift tags that are already packaged into smaller quantities are retail ready and great for businesses looking to offer gift tags to customers.
  • Packages of 100 or less | These are great for personal use, or if you’re a business who is looking to repackage these gift tags into smaller batches yourself.

Popular Gift Tag Styles

When you’re browsing gift tags, the amount of styles to choose from may be overwhelming. To help make this process smoother, we like to focus on one element at a time – the pattern, size, and the construction.

  • Patterned or Plain | Whether it’s a simple “To / From” design or a seasonal graphic, patterned gift tags are designed to be seen and to make a statement. We tend to use patterned gift tags as an accent to our packaging while more plain gift tags, we like to customize with a stamp or personal message.
  • Small Merchandise Tags | Small tags are a great way to color code, organize, or quickly price items. We love using small tags for retail product packaging purposes or general retail merchandising.
  • Pre-Strung or Unstrung |Tags with a string already attached are great for quick, easy, and efficient application. Unstrung tags are great for when you already have a way to attach your tag onto your package or product – like with a retail tagging tool or if you have a string preference.

Note: For gift tags of every style and for every occasion, check out our Gift Tag Collection here!

Packaging Accessories & Embellishments

Looking to add another layer of personalization to your gift tag? Try adding a small decorative element like a faux flower, a simple bow, or this fun heart embellishment.

gift tag with a woven DIY ribbon embellishment on top of it

Here’s How You Can Make Your Own

This heart embellishment is put together using just a little creativity, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Ours came out to be approximately 5-1/2” x 2-3/4” to compliment our gift tags, but depending on your ribbon size and how big or small you want it to turn out, feel free to apply these techniques to any scale.

Your DIY Heart Embellishment Shopping List
  • (2) 24” Lengths Of Your Favorite Narrow Valentine Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Sticks / Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
flat lay of paper mart craft supplies

Making Your Own Woven Heart Embellishment

triptych showing general DIY ribbon embellishment steps

Step 1: Create your first heart half. Lay your ribbon flat and with one end, fold it towards you at a 90-degree angle. Use a dot of hot glue to keep your fold secure. Take that same loose end and fold it away from you at a 90-degree angle and keep the fold secure with a dot of hot glue. Continue this motion throughout, angling your ribbon both towards and away from you until a rectangle shape is formed. Repeat with your second length of narrow ribbon to form your second heart half.

Step 2: Fold each rectangle. Once your heart halves have been made, fold your rectangle over from pointed corner to pointed corner and glue to secure. 

Step 3: Weave your heart together. Angle each heart half towards each other and gently weave the loose ribbon ends through and over each other to form a heart shape. 

Step 4: Embellish and enjoy! Once your heart shape is formed, feel free to pair it as an additional embellishment to your gift or product packaging!

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