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What is Bubble Wrap Made Of?

Nearly everyone has used bubble wrap at one time or another. The average person might not ship a lot of packages, but any time you’re sending something fragile you want to make sure it has enough padding and cushion to reach its destination unscathed. And plenty of business owners rely on bubble wrap to protect their products in transit, ensuring fewer damaged goods that need to be returned and refunded at a loss. But there are plenty of packing supplies you might choose instead of bubble wrap, from paper fill to packing peanuts. What is it that sets this type of packaging apart from these other materials? What is this product made of that it is preferable to products that offer similar services?

The Makings of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is made of plastic; polyethylene, to be precise. But these plastic sheets would be virtually useless if not for the evenly spaced pockets of air dotting their surface. It is the air bubbles that provide the cushion needed to enfold and protect delicate items during shipping, ensuring that they arrive at their intended destination with nary a nick, scratch, or broken appendage, whole and unharmed. That said, not all bubble wrap is the same. And the makeup of the products you choose could have a marked impact on the safety of your shipped goods. The air bubble wrapping offered by Paper Mart is made with the concerns of consumers in mind.

Paper Mart Bubble Wrap

Paper Mart bubble wrap is made up of not one, but two sheets of polyethylene film with the expected air bubbles housed in between. Unlike products that feature only one sheet of plastic with the air bubbles positioned on top, Paper Mart’s is designed to be stronger and more resilient in order to offer the best possible protection for items of all sizes, shapes, weights, and levels of delicacy and fragility. Whether you’re shipping antique urns or a crystal chandelier, the bubble wrapping sold on is up to the task of protecting your valuables in transit.

The sturdy construction provided by Paper Mart bubble wrap is matched in strength by its versatility. With two layers, you might fear limited flexibility. But this malleable product is made to be bent, twisted, and wrapped around anything. And there are several sizes of bubbles to choose from, allowing you the many options needed to protect items large and small during shipping. Plus, the perforated plastic provides the convenience of tear-away sheets in any size you deem fit for your packing needs. Not all bubble wrapping is made with these considerations in mind, but Paper Mart strives to ensure that customers have access to products designed to save time and money.

Saving Money with Bubble Wrap

Along these lines, the bubble wrap at Paper Mart also represents an extremely lightweight packing option, so you can spend less overall on protecting your goods during shipping. And less breakage means fewer returns and exchanges. You’ll save on every front. Bubble wrap may all be made from polyethylene plastic, but not all of these products are made the same. Paper Mart offers durable, dependable, and affordable packing products that you can feel confident using to protect your precious cargo during shipping.

Paper Mart Bubble Wrap

All Bubble Wrap

Anti-Static Air Bubble Wrapping: 3/16″

Economy Air Bubble Wrapping: 3/16″ X 3/8″
Economy Air Bubble Wrapping: 1/2″ X 1-1/4″ 

Air Bubble Wrapping: 1/2″ X 1-1/4″
Air Bubble Wrapping: 3/16″ X 3/8″
Air Bubble Wrapping: 5/16″ X 1″


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