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3 Candy Packaging Trends To Love

If you’re looking for the scoop on the latest candy packaging trends – we’ve got it! We’re highlighting three unique packaging designs you can use for your candies to increase your visual appeal and stay on trend with the latest colors and materials.

Transparency Is Key: Consider Acrylics

Get creative with food-safe, crystal clear packaging that highlights and accents. A sleek, clear surface gives a full and complete view of your candies. This simple visual merchandising technique, when done correctly, can result in a beautiful display for your items (and a craving for something sweet!). Here, we’re highlighting the beauty and color of our hard candy using these compact, square acrylic boxes.


Here’s What You Need To Create This Look

How To Create Your Stacked Acrylic Display

1.) Simply fill each square with your hard candies. For a modern look, fill each square with a single color.

2.) Once filled, stack your squares on top of each other. Add a ribbon for a final, finishing touch.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color: Find Food-Safe Pouches

The easiest way to stay on trend with the ever-changing seasons is to utilize color wisely. When you’re thinking about candy or food packaging, consider purchasing items in bulk that are available in a wide variety of color like food-safe pouches.

We love food-safe pouches because they are easy to use and designed for specialty food items. They are also available in a wide variety of finishes and colors, so making slight color changes to keep up with the retail season is easy.


Here’s What You’ll Need To Create A Colorful Candy Pouch

How To Finish Your Candy Pouch Like A Pro

1.) Fill your stand up pouch with your candies and treats.

2.) Once filled, gently press the zip top together to close.

3.) Using your heated, hand-held crimper tool, gently fuse the pouch top closed.

FYI: Food-safe pouches also have wide front and back panels, perfect for customized labels for a friendly message, or your business logo.

Natural, Lightweight, & Creative: Bentwood Boxes

If you love creativity and unique packaging, consider thinking out of the traditional candy packaging box. Natural materials like bentwood and glass are great for adding a unique touch to your candy packaging. Here, we use a natural, one-piece bentwood box to hold our individually wrapped candies. We love the charming button and rope closure detail on this box. It’s a great packaging option for our homemade, colorful candies.


Here’s What You’ll Need To Create A Simple Candy Package

How To Package Using Natural Bentwood

1.) Fill your bentwood box using your candy pieces.

2.) Using the button and rope closure of your box, pull the lid down to close.

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