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5 Ways to Create Striking, Memorable Wedding Invitations

Use these DIY wedding invitation tips to create stylish invites that won’t break the bank.

DIY wedding invitation tips

When it comes to wedding planning, invitations set the tone. Will your special day be a formal, black-tie affair, or do you have something a little more casual in mind? Whatever it is you want to say about your wedding, your invitations are the perfect place to start the conversation.

That said, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on professionally crafted invitations. Save that for the event itself — or the honeymoon! To cut back on expenses without skimping on style, don’t shy away from a little DIY creativity. For couples on a budget, consider incorporating these crafty tricks into your wedding invitation toolbox.


1. Washi Tape

wedding washi tape

Washi tape is a crafter’s delight, and can be used for so much more than just taping boxes or sealing bags. Add some texture to your invites by using washi tape to create decorative borders. Our washi tape is made from natural fibers and comes in a variety of designs, from bold metallics to romantic florals.


2. Decorative Tags

Wedding Assorted Flower Tags

Send your invitations to the next level by adorning them with decorative tags. These flower tags are the perfect touch for any springtime wedding, while our heart-shaped tags are on-brand for any wedding, anytime.


3. Gold Trim

Wedding Gold Trim

For couples who want their wedding to channel old-fashioned charm, design your invitations to set the stage. This delicate gold trim can be used to create boxes and borders on your invites. Simply glue the trim down to add a level of texture while maintaining a classically understated look.


4. Pillow Boxes

Wedding Metallic Pillow Boxes

If you really want your invitations to make a statement, consider sending your invites inside these stylish black and gold metallic pillow boxes. The striking yet elegant print makes for an exciting unboxing experience, while the black and gold coloring goes with a wide range of wedding color palettes. For an extra touch, fill the box with matching shredded fill after inserting your invitation.


5. Sweet Treats

Wedding Clear Tubes

Give your guests a taste of the fun to come by filling clear tubes with tasty treats and sending them out with your invitations. If you’re really looking to leave an impression, consider customizing the tubes with printed labels featuring key wedding details, such as date and location.

Whether you’re creating wedding invitations from scratch or just adding a few embellishments to take them to the next level, these DIY ideas can help you make a statement without costing you an arm and a leg.

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