Cute Ribbon Crafts to Make with Kids

Easy Ribbon Crafts

Crafters often have extra pieces of ribbon leftover from larger projects, and they’re hesitant to throw them away. Don’t let those pieces go to waste! Instead, use them for a variety of cute crafts with your kids. Check out these easy ribbon crafts from Paper Mart for a fun project to share with your entire family!

Embellish Children’s Toys

DIY ribbon decorations are a great way to liven up old toys that your children may be getting tired of playing with. Whether you add a tassel of colored ribbon to a stuffed animal to serve as a scarf, or put together a ribbon wand they can spend hours waving around, these projects are a fun way to spend the afternoon together making personalized toys.

You can also make crowns with gold ribbon and fabric bows wrapped around a wire frame. Let your children romp around as kings and queens of the playground with these crowns, then make jewelry accessories by adding sequin strings to metallic ribbon for necklaces, belts, and bracelets.

Create Unique Hanging Pieces

Instead of resorting to generic photo frames, elevate your precious family pictures with personalized frames made with ribbons, rhinestones, and sequins. Gluing your favorite ornaments onto older wooden frames can add a nice splash of color and highlight special moments.

Kraft paper and wire from Paper Mart goes great with ribbon for an easy-to-make frame that your kids will love to create. By using a foam frame, stencils, colorful paper, and classic garlands, you and your children can create a personalized family crest decorated with all of your favorite memories.

Fun, Wearable Pieces

Kids love bright colors, especially when it comes to their clothes. With just a little bit of ribbon, yarn, and other household items, you can put together easy ribbon crafts, including knotted belts, colorful hair bows, and matching friendship bracelets. Introduce more creativity to your crafts by letting your children include their favorite colors, designs, and characters to their projects.

Mark Books with Style

To create personalized bookmarks, let your kids choose between deco mesh or velvet ribbon, along with little charms, feathers, beads, or trim, to make a bookmark exceptionally dazzling. You can even create themed bookmarks to their favorite stories! This project will have them excited to read, and will encourage them to think creatively about books.

Versatility in Craft

If there’s a special day coming up, you and your family can have a lot of fun using ribbon on greeting cards, wreaths, and other handmade gifts to make all kinds of artistic masterpieces. For more DIY ribbon decorations and ideas, visit the Paper Mart blog and shop for all of your essential crafting supplies today!


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