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[VIDEO] DIY Advent Calendar

Create special moments this holiday season with this fun homemade Advent calendar. All you need are a few small boxes, festive washi tape, and a little creativity. Learn how to make your own here!

FYI: Count down to the holiday season and craft along with us. Get the supplies for this DIY Advent Calendar Shopping List at!

Holiday Fun For All: The Homemade Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a great way to build anticipation for Christmas and bring the family together. The overall idea is simple – for each day in December, a new great or gift from your calendar is revealed. We filled our calendar with tasty chocolate treats, but feel free to personalize yours and fill each day with a different small trinket or fun holiday note! 

You’ll Need

  • 25 (3 x 3) Kraft Gift Boxes
  • 3 of Your Favorite Washi Tape Rolls (We used gold metallic and one of our favorite patterns!)
  • Crinkle Paper / Scissors
  • Circle Punch
  • Cello Tape
  • Number Template (We used these number print-outs: 1-16, 17-25!)
  • Candy / Small Gifts
flat lay of mini kraft boxes, washi tape, calendar template, and scissors needed for a DIY advent calendar

Here’s How To Make Your Own Advent Calendar

  1. First, prep your calendar labels. Print out the template provided above and using your scissors or circle punch, cut out each number. 
  2. Next, decorate your boxes. With your washi tape rolls, decorate the top of each box.
    Note: This step is where your gift boxes can transform into something unique! Feel free to use your washi tape and play with different patterns or designs. 
  3. Once your boxes have been decorated, use your crinkle cut, small gifts, or candies to help add a pop of color and delight to your boxes.
  4. Once filled, label your boxes using a little tape and your new number cutouts.
  5. After all your boxes have been decorated, filled, and labeled, arrange them to your liking. Create fun shapes, glue them to a poster board and hang it vertically. The choice is yours!
flat lay of homemade advent calendar made from Paper Mart boxes

How are you decorating for the winter season? Do you have your family have any fun Christmas traditions that bring you together? Let us know! Share your ideas with us using the #MyPaperMart social tag or feel free to get our attention on Facebook or Instagram. If you loved this homemade Advent calendar, stay tuned to our blog for easy DIYs. We’ve got how-to’s, product features, business advice, and more coming your way!


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    Could you please share a link to the boxes?

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