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DIY Bridesmaid Gift Pack with Feathers

Pretty feathered gift wrap for a nice bridesmaid gift pack

Wedding season is here! For all those brides who are looking for exciting bridesmaid gifts, we have a cute DIY bridesmaid gift pack idea for you! Ostrich Plumes are commonly seen on glamorous robes, slippers and high heels. By searching Pinterest, you will see all of the unique ways that these feathers are used. As a result, this look has inspired us with the idea to incorporate feathers in gift packs for bridesmaids. These gift packs can be affordable and cute! With feather embellishments, you can easily glamorize inexpensive flip flops, slippers, and other items.

Keep all of your girls comfy, fashionable, and cool while you are getting ready on the big day. These gift packs can include anything from cute bridesmaid tops or robes, mini champagne bottles, snacks, water, deodorant (any other necessary toiletries), as well as slippers, hair clips and a fan embellished with feathers or adhesive feather puffs. There is no need to go out and spend a fortune on bridesmaid gifts. When you can take plain items and embellish them with a fun and personal touch, it’s almost better than buying pre-made, manufactured goods.



Here’s how you can incorporate feathers in a bridesmaid gift pack:

Feathered slippers, high heels, or flip flops:

Feather Heels to Include in Bridesmaid Gift Pack

Go to any affordable store such as Payless, Target, or Old Navy for a pair of plain heels, sandals, or slippers. For a classy and simple look, glue on white feathers for a finishing touch. For a fun and personalized look, make each girl’s shoes or slippers with their favorite color. You can also incorporate colors that correspond with your wedding theme. These are also a great idea for the wedding reception when everyone wants to dance in comfortable shoes.

Feathered hair clips:

Marabou Feather Hair Clip for DIY Bridesmaid Gift Pack

Convenient for pulling back hair while makeup is applied, supply your girls with cute matching hair clips. These can even be worn in the wedding! Use alligator clips as a base, then glue feathers and a rhinestone or flower at the center to complete the look.

Your DIY bridesmaid gift pack can also include a feathered fan. Simply purchase wooden fans from any craft or dollar store, adhere feathers with glue dots or a glue gun, and add a tassel to the handle of the fan. The girls can use this fan to keep cool, not only while getting ready, but at the reception or between wedding photos too.

Lastly, pull the look together with fabulous gift wrap. A nice feather matched with the right ribbon and gift wrap will really bring the whole feathered theme together nicely!

Remember that you do not need to spend a lot to impress. A little feminine touch using feathers, rhinestones or flowers will take drab to fab!

Photo credits: (feathered heels), (hair clip), (feathered gift wrap)

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