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DIY Easter Bunny Tote Bags

The Easter Bunny is on its merry way, and what better way to welcome our favorite cotton-tailed companion than with a festive DIY craft? Shake off the winter blues and embrace the vibrant spirit of the season by creating your very own DIY Easter Bunny tote bags. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be hopping down the bunny trail in no time!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Create These Adorable Easter Bunny Tote Bags

How to Make DIY Easter Bunny Tote Bags: 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Draw Your Bunny

First, sketch out the rabbit shape and size on paper. Once you’re happy with the design, cut it out and pin it to the center of your tote bag. Place some cardboard or cardstock inside the bag to help you keep your stitching and hot glue from going to the other side of the bag!

Step 2: Stitch Your Rabbit Design

Using your quilting needle and baker’s twine, make a running stitch around the paper cutout of your rabbit. Once you finish, knot the two ends of the thread together to secure it.

For a cleaner look, start and end the stitch on the inside of the bag.

Step 3: Create and Glue Your Cottontail

To create your bunny’s fluffy tail, make a tassel out of the baker’s twine. You can do this by creating loops of twine, and then tying off one end. Cut the other end that you didn’t tie, and you have your tassel!

From there, all you have to do is brush out the tassel to make a cottontail and secure it to the bag with hot glue.

Step 4: Stitch Your Grass

Now, use the pencil to lightly sketch out the grass on the bag. Make a running stitch following this pattern. Secure each end on the inside of the bag with a knot. Once you secure the stitch, you’re all done!

These DIY Easter Bunny Tote Bags are not only a fun and creative way to celebrate the season, but they also encourage adding a personal touch to Easter festivities. With endless customization options, these adorable tote bags truly encapsulate the essence of springtime renewal and joy.

So, gather your supplies, gather your loved ones, and hop to it!

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