[Video] DIY Jellyfish Party Decoration

Grab your fins and snorkels because we’re diving deep under the sea with this jellyfish paper lantern decoration! Learn how to make it here.


DIY Jellyfish Party Decorations

These bouncy crepe paper crafts are perfect for ocean-themed parties or fun, indoor mermaid-themed decor. Feel free to let your creative juices flow and mix or match different crepe paper or accordion paper lantern colors. Today, we’re creating a sweet lime colored jellyfish.


Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Adorable Decor Piece

jellyfish party decorations


How To Create A Hanging Jellyfish Paper Lantern:

1.) Create the tentacles and your jellyfish skirt by using strips of crepe paper. For best results, cut against the crepe paper grain!
Note: We created 6 tentacles from each of our crepe paper colors.

For the first color, we made 6, 1” x 14” strips. 

For the second color, we made 6, 1” x 14” strips. 

For our final, jellyfish skirt, we made 1, 2” x 24” strip.

2.) Give your tentacles a ruffled look by pinching and pulling the edges of your crepe paper strips. To do this, simply use your thumbs to gently fan out the edges of your crepe paper.

3.) Create your jellyfish body using your paper plate, paper lantern, and hot glue. Attach the edge of your paper plate to your lantern edge.

4.) Once your paper jellyfish body is formed, start hot gluing your crepe paper tentacles to the bottom of your paper plate and your crepe paper skirt around the perimeter.

5.) Finally, finish by creating a small hang tab using your a small strip of narrow ribbon glued to the top of your jellyfish.

6.) Hang, display your beautiful crepe paper craft, and wow your guests!

jellyfish party decorations


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With just a few materials and a lot of creativity, you can easily decorate your own underwater adventure! Did you love this how-to? Looking to decorate your own mermaid-themed party? Show us on social using #mypapermart. For updates to our blog and new packaging options, subscribe to our email list here! Don’t forget to keep following our blog for more DIY videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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