Five Inventive Ways that Event Planners Can Utilize Ribbon

Ribbon is an attractive and inexpensive way to spruce up any event. If you’re an event planner looking for interesting ways to utilize ribbon, read 5 of our favorite uses

There are many fun ways to get creative for a big event. This aspect of event planning is what attracts many people to the business, and ribbon offers more fun, creative uses than most other packaging materials. If you’re looking for inventive uses for ribbon, read a few of our favorite tips.

The Many Uses for Ribbon: How to Get Creative with an Affordable Resource

If you’re an event planner Uses for Ribbon, you might like to keep a stock of decorating supplies for future use. No such stock would ever be complete without plenty of ribbon. Not only is ribbon affordable, but it also packs a powerful punch, offering a lot of bang for your decorating buck. No matter what type of event you’re planning, there will be a way to use ribbon to decorate.

1. Ribbon Wands for Dancers

Ribbon dancing creates a beautiful effect. It’s a great way to add flair to a wedding, anniversary party, or any other family-friendly event where people of all ages will be present. You can make the wands as fancy as you like, but the basic supplies are ribbons and wooden sticks. When you choose your ribbon, be sure to pick an unwired variety with plenty of flexibility. This will help create that pretty effect.

Ribbon Garlands2. Ribbon Garlands

Have you ever seen those colorful Tibetan prayer flags? You can make a miniature garland that creates a similar effect using bits and pieces of different types of colorful ribbon. You can keep the ribbons at any length, although two to three inches works best if you want to create that multi-colored flag effect.

Attach the pieces to a string or wire using a sewing machine, a stapler, or a hot glue gun. When you’re finished, you can hang the garland over the bar, above a door, or wrap it around a tree for an outdoor celebration. This is one of the great uses for ribbon that you have left over from other projects.

3. Ribbon Candle Holders

Candle holders add ambiance to an outdoor wedding, and you can create some quick and easy candle holders using clear mason jars and delicate lace. Choose a wide style of lace ribbon, wrap it around the jar, and attach with a bit of glue or clear tape. Then, place tea-light candles inside. You’ll love the romantic effect this creates!

Ribbon Photo Handers4. Ribbon Photo Handers

This is one of our favorite uses for ribbon! It’s a great idea for a wedding or anniversary party, but it also works for workplaces or club events.

First, print out dozens of your favorite snapshots that would be appropriate for the event. Next, attach the pictures to long strands of ribbon that match with your color theme, and hang the ribbons up. There are many areas where they look great, such as archways, trees in the garden, or above the bar, depending on your setup. It’s a wonderful way to share memories.

5. Menu Wraps

The little touches do a lot to make a big night special. If you’re hosting an event with a dinner menu, consider using a bit of elegant ribbon to wrap the menu. You can also consider using matching ribbon to wrap your utensil and napkin sets.

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