How to Make Balloon Decorations Using Tulle

Balloons never really go out of style as party decorations, but you can certainly find ways to make them more beautiful or add visual interest to them when you get creative with tulle. And you might be surprised by some of the ways you can pair tulle and balloons to innovative and eye-catching effect. For one thing, you can start simply enough by attaching balloons to chair backs or table centerpieces using tulle ribbon instead of the traditional polypropylene variety – or you could use both together for a pop of color with a dash of sophistication. You might even wind a curled ribbon around a strip of tulle.

But there’s a lot more you could do for greater effect. For example, you might place a circle or square of tulle on top of an inflated balloon and wrap it around the balloon, securing it at the base with another strip of tulle, a ribbon, or a pipe cleaner, just for example, and then adding adornments like bows or flowers. But the possibilities don’t end there. You can also attach sections of tulle to the center of your ceiling and run them to the walls like streamers, securing arrangements of balloons at the center or the corners of the walls. Or if you want something more complex, you could place a layer of inflated balloons inside the tulle so that they are suspended above the heads of your guests. You might also drape tulle over helium balloons and secure it to the floor on either end to create a unique bower. And there’s no reason you can’t play with colors for the balloons and the tulle for an added effect.

Another idea you might want to explore is creating inverted arches to hang from the ceiling or attach to chair backs. All you have to do is attach a balloon to either end of a strip of tulle so that it hangs between them in a crescent. If you use helium balloons and lightweight tulle, your unusual design will float near the ceiling all night. You might also hang tulle florets from the ceiling with balloons attached to the bottom. Or you could line a dance floor with bunches of tulle that have shiny balloons nestled in them, even going so far as to string white holiday lights under the tulle for a soft, ambient lighting effect that picks up the shine on the balloons. You could create a similar effect on a smaller scale for table centerpieces. With the many options for tulle available on Paper Mart, there’s no end to the incredible ways you can upgrade any balloon arrangement.

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