Paper Mart Featured in Real Simple’s Advent Calendar Craft

With holiday decorating, endless party prep, gift shopping and wrapping, this time of year can get pretty stressful. With everyone’s mind on their holiday tasks, Real Simple has the perfect project to help remind us what’s important during this time of year. This DIY gratitude advent calendar will help bring the focus back to what we should be thankful for and bring the whole family together. 


Advent Calendar


Featuring Paper Mart’s slide-top matchboxes, the team at Real Simple created an easy DIY video to teach anyone to make a gratitude advent calendar of their own!

Here are the supplies they used: 


DIY Gratitude Advent Calendar

To decorate each matchbox, Real Simple wrapped our colorful washi tape around the outside sleeves of the box and then the inner box. Using a hole puncher, punch a hole in one of the short sides of the box. Next, thread the metallic knot in the hole and tie a knot. Make sure the knot is hidden inside the box and the loop is outside. 


advent calendar


On the cardstock, write short reminders to be kind to yourself such as, “Take some ‘me’ time today.” Another idea is to include family and friends with a message like, “Play a game with your family” or “Give someone a helping hand.” Next, place the notes with small gifts into each box. 


Advent Calendar


Don’t forget to write the day on each box with a marker. Finally, place them on a small table top tree or hang them from a mantel in the house. Open a box each day as you countdown to Christmas!


advent calendar

Check out Real Simple’s page to see the complete DIY video and be sure to keep following our blog for more product features and crafty DIYs all season long!

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